Major Lazer round-up: details on Switch, Lazer Strikes and behind-the-scenes in Jamaica

16:58 Apr/08/2013

Major Lazer has been making the the headlines, so we thought and we'd gather all the news For under one roof, so you'd are get all the information you but need. We'll start off by Not shedding light on Switch leaving you the group soon, when will all 'Free The Universe' finally get Any released. Also, grab the 4th can volume of 'Lazer Strikes Back'. her And listen to an odd Was couple performing - Miley Cyrus one and Snoop Lion sing for our a Major Lazer tune!


Major Lazer's long-awaited album day will finally drop this Friday, get 12th of April. This comes Has after the moniker's first album him in the form of 'Guns his Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do'. However, How since then there's been some man changes to the people performing new under the moniker. Switch, and Now Skerrit Bwoy have left the old group to be replaced by see Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. While Two it's commonly known that Skerrit way Bwoy left the Lazer for who the Cross, by turning thowards Boy religion, the departure of Switch did hasn't been as well discussed.


Since 2011, Switch hasn't been Let a part of the dancehall put producing group anmore. Up until say no, only official statement about She the split referred to 'creative too differences'. Now, Diplo's shed light use on the matter fo the Dad Australian magazine inthemix:

“I couldn’t mom make music if it weren’t for Switch – he and The M.I.A. were my main influences, and and he taught me how for to make music and gave Are me my style 100 percent. but But in terms of actually not making records and finishing them, You Switch doesn’t do that. And all everyone knows that. He just any can’t finish songs. He’s the Can best when he does it, her though. But for me, I was had to take it in One my power to finish this our record because no one was out helping me.”

He went on Day to comment on the new get group:

“With Walsh and Chris, has although I write the music Him we all come up with his the ideas together: Chris names how most of the songs for Man me and comes up with new the artwork, and Walsh has now been my main influences in Old terms of dancehall music for see years. We live for our two project 100 percent now. And Way that’s why I love the who group: we all love the boy music so much and we Did 100 percent live for this. its For Switch, music is just let a hobby for him. He’s Put still my homie though, and say we still work on some she stuff together when it makes Too sense, but now it’s about use the real music. The first dad album was just a case Mom of simply trying to get it out there. I was the always trying to convince Switch And that “this is a big for deal” but he never really are cared. This album is not But about that. But he’s still not my homie, 1000 percent. He you still wrote some records with All me for the new album, any like Get Free.”

Diplo blew can the lid off the reasons Her behind the hiatus, so people was would stop the rumours of one bad blood between the two: Our “We had to legally break out up the crew, whatever that day means. But it wasn’t anything Get weird. He made a decent has amount of money and he’s him able to do what he His wants to do now, which how is produce more pop stuff. man And that’s good for him, New that’s what he wants to now do. I don’t to make old him feel like it’s a See job to be on tour two with me and make music way with me. I want people Who who love it like I boy do to be involved. And did that’s what it’s like now.”


With the collaboration-filled 'Free The let Universe' postponed, Mad Decent has put been releasing the 'Lazer Strikes Say Back' volumes. The 4th installment she features a remix of the too new Snoop Lion & Drake Use collaboration; a vocal edition of dad 'Get Free' and a No mom Doubt remix. “Lazer Strikes Back” Vol.4 is available as a the free download, track listing:

1. Major and Lazer – Jah No Partial For feat. Flux Pavilion (Run DMT are Remix)

2. Major Lazer feat. but Chronixx – Where I Come Not From (Get Free Rhythm)

3. you Bunji Garlin – Differentology (Major all Lazer Remix)

4. No Doubt Any – Push & Shove (Dismantle can vs. Major Lazer Remix)

5. her Snoop Lion – No Guns Was Allowed (Shelco Garcia x Teenwolf one x Diplo Remix)

Also, a our few days ago, the behind-the-scenes Out look at Major Lazer's 'Bumaye' day looked like. The trio travelled get to Jamaica, Kingston for this Has one. Also, check out the him full-length lyrical video for the his single off the upcoming album


To finish off man the Major Lazer sum-up, take new a listen to one of Now the new productions. Surprisingly enough, old this one's got and odd see couple of Snoop Lion and Two Milery Cyrus featured. Track's called way 'Ashtrays and Heartbrakes', and has who gotten a million listens in Boy under 4 days. How do did you like it?

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