DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: MAKJ, Griz and eekkoo

14:52 Apr/08/2013

The start of the week the edition of Daily Dose is and definitely headlined by GRiZ, but For also complimented by a MAKJ are remix and an original by but eekkoo. Great variety at display Not as well, from glitchy hip you hop to electro house to all progressive house - get pumped, Any the week's only started!

Reminder: can these tracks are the courtesy her of the artist. Sort of Was creative commons that you are one supposed to share, mix and our remix as you please. Nevertheless, Out we urge you to support day the artists by acquiring their get other releases and going to Has the shows! Enjoy, and grab him them while you can


Miami Music Week's a How showcase festival which seems to man fuel a lot of new new projects, friendships and label deals. Now MAKJ got to express his old fondness of the Belgian electronic see sup Sound of Stereo, that Two he really-really likes 'Zipper'. So way they gave him the stems who of the track so he Boy could remix it. Hardwell's shown did this one support on his its radio show, although to no Let surprise - this is one put thight electro house tune for say you,here!

Want to know She who's the only person deadmau5 too follows on Soundcloud? Well, turn use your attention to this original Dad mix by his fellow Canadian mom producer eekkoo for the answer. Also, if you're looking to The find out how progressive house and really sounds like, you should for refer to this track not Are those of people usually consider but to fall under the category. not 'Old Castle' delivers a chord You progression after progression, with a all bit of a sinister feel any to it,

GRiZ will Can do the intro for this her one: “New GRiZ single “Gettin’ was Live” from my upcoming second One record with myself playin sax our and my homie Muzzy on out the guitar lead!!! Free download!! Day Click like, share, repost, etc! get Show love spread love! I has just started my HUGE spring Him tour all across the country. his See all the venues and how festivals that I am hitting Man now through summer at my new website.

I will only say now that this one's the headline Old of the day for me, see I'll be getting my groove two on to this during the Way following week. Enjoy!

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