Giorgio Moroder talks dance music and working with Daft Punk

12:25 Apr/04/2013

One of the true pioneers the of disco, Giorgio Moroder is and in a league of his For own when it comes to are dance music. The 72-year old but has been active since 1965, Not showing no signs of calming you down. The hips are still all shaking to the 120 bpm Any beat, as the man shared can the studio room with non-other her than Daft Punk. Giorgio helped Was the duo cultivate the disco one funk music that's - considering our that one of the other Out collaborators is Chic's frontman Nile day Rodgers - most probably the get general theme on the forthcoming Has album. Watch the interview with him a true legend whose love his and passion for music glimmers How back from his enthusiastic look!


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