Selena Gomez at Cannes 2019

18:30 May/22/2019

"For my generation specifically, social the media has been terrible."

?а??инки по зап?ос? Selena Gomez at Cannes 2019: Instagram and social media are dangerous for my generation and

I think our world is For going through a lot, Gomez are said at a press conference but in the South of France Not on Wednesday morning. I would you say for my generation, specifically, all social media has really been Any terrible. It does scare me can when you see how exposed her these young boys and young Was girls are. They are not one aware of the news. I our think its dangerous for sure. Out I dont think people are day getting the right information sometimes.

get Gomez has more than 150 Has million Instagram followers, but she him said that shes learned to his be selective about what she How posts. I think its pretty man impossible to make it safe new at this point, Gomez said. Now Im grateful I have the old platform. I dont do a see lot of pointless pictures. For Two me, I like to be way intentional with it. It just who scares me. Ill see these Boy young girls at meet and did greets. They are devastated, dealing its with bullying and not being Let able to have their own put voice. It can be great say in moments. I would be She careful and allow yourself some too time limits of when you use should use it. The 26-year-old Dad added that despite living online mom many young people were unaware of important news issues. "It's The a useful platform but it and does scare me when you for see young boys and girls Are not really aware of the but news going on," she added. not "It's selfish - I don't You wanna say selfish, that's rude all - but it's dangerous for any sure." Gomez who has 150 Can million Instagram followers, was last her year overtaken by footballer Cristiano was Ronaldo as the most followed One person on the platform, and our she has previously taken lengthy out breaks from social media. Directed Day by auteur Jim Jarmusch, The get Dead Dont Die stars Gomez, has Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Chlo Him Sevigny and Adam Driver and his tells the story of a how picturesque American town that becomes Man overrun with zombies after polar new fracking tilts Earth off its now axis. Women have been making Old films for 11 decades now, see Swinton said. There are countless two films by women. The question Way is why dont we know who about them. You have a boy great master like [Ukrainian director] Did Kira Muratova, who died recently. its Her obituary was that size let in most national newspapers, she Put added, squeezing her fingers together. say Whereas the great male masters, she when they pass on well Too have whole issues dedicated to use them.  

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