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    Genre:Hip-Hop, Open Format
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
3720 official dj-rankings.com

United States



homicide is an acclaimed DJ from United States

homicide is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, Open Format music and is ranked 3720 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🤴🏾 18 minutes ago:
Same with men https://t.co/J2zVvyB56X
🤴🏾 18 minutes ago:
@LexBunny SMH
🤴🏾 18 minutes ago:
That shit came back at him like it was Karma https://t.co/cLh0YI4Px7
🤴🏾 20 minutes ago:
That was crazy https://t.co/AOWJFI2ZVA
🤴🏾 23 minutes ago:
Roberts get this dude outta the game WTF
🤴🏾 24 minutes ago:
Get Gonzales outta there
🤴🏾 25 minutes ago:
Ok lets shut down this lil Rays Rally boys.
🤴🏾 27 minutes ago:
Ok lets get it together boys
🤴🏾 43 minutes ago:
RT @SInow: Still can't believe the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts... (via @MLB) https://t.co/ibTszhwkj0
🤴🏾 43 minutes ago:
Kobe watching the #Dodgers game like https://t.co/BQwqQAqKo3
🤴🏾 45 minutes ago:
RT @djhomicide: More Runs #Dodgers https://t.co/9w5JhezfAf
🤴🏾 45 minutes ago:
Dodgers are Dog Walking the shit out of the Rays. Got Damn
🤴🏾 46 minutes ago:
RT @RichsThrone: https://t.co/XyKXXexyz4
🤴🏾 46 minutes ago:
🤴🏾 48 minutes ago:
More Runs #Dodgers https://t.co/9w5JhezfAf
🤴🏾 48 minutes ago:
🤴🏾 50 minutes ago:
RT @theScore: Justin Turner making the hot corner look easy. 🔥👀 (🎥: @MLBONFOX) https://t.co/rYl2AJxHdh
🤴🏾 51 minutes ago:
https://t.co/dXW4uYKu9N https://t.co/mhSjUF0AGf
🤴🏾 52 minutes ago:
All i think about. Tacos https://t.co/GSwLM6bhf4
🤴🏾 53 minutes ago:
@SeanFluent These dudes are too good man

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