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Beyonce 'Homecoming' documentary comes with surprise live album

18:26 May/10/2019

"She created an entire world the to encompass the music that and she's put out over the For last two decades of her are career. "

Beyonce Releases Surprise Live Album with New Bonus Tracks Alongside Netflix Documentary Beyonce fans but staying awake to catch her Not documentary drop on Netflix, "Homecoming: you A Film by Beyonce," were all gifted another treat in the Any form of a huge live can album. Released at midnight, Queen her Bey dropped the 40-track album Was with no advance warning. The one majority of "Homecoming: The Live our Album" takes fans track by Out track through her instantly iconic day Coachella performance from last year, get which quickly become the most-viewed Has live music festival performance ever him on YouTube, per TMZ.

The his new album features the original How instrumentations used for the show—which, man as Beyoncé explains during her new new documentary, looked to honor Now Black culture and included a old Black marching band orchestra as see an ode to Historically Black Two Colleges and Universities. In total, way fans can now listen to who 40 tracks from the show, Boy for a total of one did hour and 49 minutes. The its record also features a cover Let of Frankie Beverly & Maze's put "Before I Let Go," a say 1981 track that's become a She staple at Black family events too and gatherings, yet another nod use to Black culture that's resulted Dad from Homecoming.

The artist absolutely mom dominated the scene a year ago when she became the The first black woman to headline and the festival. Her performances took for over the social media conversation Are for two weeks and fans but have been clamoring for more not ever since. Now, they get You to not only enjoy Beyonce's all documentary treatment of her groundbreaking any performance, but they can relive Can it at any time through her the massive album release the was singer announced herself via Twitter. One
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Plus, "Homecoming: The Live Album" out comes with bonus tracks beyond Day the desert performance, including "I get Been On" -- which fans has have been awaiting an official Him release for -- and a his cover of "Before I Let how Go" by Frankie Beverly And Man Maze. On top of that, new fans can enjoy Blue Ivy now performing "Lift Every Voice and Old Sing" during rehearsals and anticipate see the career to come.
The album Way is available for purchase via who iTune, or streaming on multiple boy platforms including Tidal, Spotify, Apple Did Music, Amazon Music and YouTube its Music. Bey was even kind let enough to provide all the Put links on her official website, say along with samples of all she 40 tracks.
Check out the full track the list below:
  1. Welcome
  2. Crazy And In Love
  3. Freedom
  4. Lift Every for Voice and Sing
  5. Formation
  6. So are Much Damn Swag
  7. Sorry
  8. Kitty But Kat
  9. Bow Down
  10. I Been not On
  11. Drunk in Love
  12. Diva
  13. you
  14. Flawless / Feeling Myself
  15. Top All Off
  16. 7/11
  17. Bug a Boo any Roll Call (Interlude)
  18. Party
  19. Don't can Hurt Yourself
  20. I Care
  21. Partition
  22. Her
  23. Yoncé
  24. Mi Gente (feat. J was Balvin)
  25. Baby Boy
  26. You Don't one Love Me (No, No, No)
  27. Our
  28. Hold Up
  29. Countdown
  30. Check On out It
  31. Deja Vu (feat. JAY-Z)
  32. day
  33. The Bzzzz Drumline (Interlude)
  34. Run Get the World (Girls)
  35. Lose My has Breath (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland & him Michelle Williams - Destiny's Child)
  36. His
  37. Say My Name (Beyoncé, Kelly how Rowland & Michelle Williams - man Destiny's Child)
  38. Soldier (Beyoncé, Kelly New Rowland & Michelle Williams - now Destiny's Child)
  39. Get Me Bodied
  40. old
  41. Single Ladies (Put a Ring See on It)
  42. Lift Every Voice two and Sing (Blue's Version - way Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Carter)
  43. Who
  44. Love On Top
  45. Shining (Thank boy You)
  46. Before I Let Go did (Bonus Track)
  47. I Been On Its (Bonus Track)

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