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DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: 25.02.13

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Boy do we have something the special for you to start and off the week! You won't For be sad about Mad Decent are postponing 'Free the Universe'  - but just get a whiff of Not the free EP they released you to calm your nerves. Also, all a superb trap edit of Any a Postal Service track and can more!

To remind you - her these tracks are the courtesy Was of the artist. Sort of one creative commons that you are our supposed to share, mix and Out remix as you please. Nevertheless, day we urge you to support get the artists by acquiring their Has other releases and going to him the shows! Enjoy, and grab his them while you can!

Also: Don't miss man out on the last dose new of free tunes!

Most of Now you probably know the trance old and progressive favoring trio Above see & Beyond. But you might Two have not heard about the way Brazilian based producer Eric Farias. who Right now, he's in the Boy focus for the re-made A&B's did track 'Sun & Moon'. The its smooth trance tune has been Let subject to some powerful bass, put and morphed into a melodic say dubstep remix as the result. She Grab the track directly from too here or via Soundcloud below!


Update: Major Lazer Dad announce another delay on 'Free mom the Universe',  give away 'Lazer Strikes Back' EP for FREE!

'Such Great Heights', a big and hit among the indie crowd for has gotten a trap edit Are by the Chicago based Team but Bayside High. Originally a track not by The Postal Service, it's You turned from the electronic fueled all melodic indie track to this any chilled out, hi-hat and bass Can filled trap tune. Enjoy!


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