'Free the Universe' postponed AGAIN, Major Lazer's statement + Free EP

13:11 Feb/25/2013

If you have been keeping the an eye on the news and about Major Lazer's forthcoming 'Free For the Universe', you probably know are it was originally set to but release in November, 2012. The Not album seeing high profile collaborators you on every track was delayed all until February 19. However, there Any are still some of the can last touches waiting to be her done, before this bad boy Was of an album gets unleashed. one To relieve your pain and our anticipation, camp Mad Decent has Out issued a free EP called day 'Lazer Strikes Back Vol.1'. Read get further for a statement on Has the delay and the FREE him download!

Major Lazer his explained their situation on Facebook:


"Our fans are the most man important part of what makes new Major Lazer what it is.  Now It is with that consideration old that “FREE THE UNIVERSE” will see not be released this month Two as previously scheduled.  We never way want to disappoint our supporters who but circumstances out of our Boy control have made us unable did to keep the intended date.  its For anyone disappointedwe are truly Let apologetic and we promise that put this hiccup has only made say what we have planned for She the album stronger.  We tried too extremely hard to keep the use date but it was ultimately Dad decided that rushing the album mom would have been unfair to you and everyone who worked The so hard on it.  An and iTunes exclusive pre-order in the for US will launch next Tuesday, Are 2/26 which will feature an but instant grat download of the forthcoming not Major Lazer single “Watch Out You for This (Bumaye).”In the mean all time, please download LAZER STRIKES any BACK Vol. 1. We will be Can putting out 3 volumes of her rare/unreleased music on-line until album was release"

So you see, it One is all for your own our sake. A lot of the out tracks from the album will Day probably reach wider audiences on get the  'Free the Universe' tour, has kicking off on February 28th. Him Right now, don't hesitate to his download this wonderful EP to how kickstart your week. Jack Beats, Man Yellow Claw, DGRC as well new as Major Lazer themselves have now done these superb remixes.


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