Solange shares new album When I Get Home

18:27 May/09/2019

Solange has released When I the Get Home—her A Seat at and the Tablefollow-up. The new album For was written, performed, and executive are produced by Solange. It also but includes contributions from multiple artists. Not Earl Sweatshirt, Panda Bear, Tyler you the Creator, Gucci Mane, Playboi all Carti, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, Any Sampha, Pharrell Williams, Raphael Saadiq, can Metro Boomin, The-Dream, Standing on her the Corner, Scarface, Cassie, Abra, Was the Internet’s Steve Lacy, Devin one the Dude, and more are our featured. Find the full credits Out below and listen to the day album here.


The fourth full-length Has is comprised of 19 tracks him and incorprates funk, R&B, blues his and soul. It includes contributions How from Tyler, the Creator, Gucci man Mane, Sampha, Cassie, Dev Hynes new (Blood Orange) and many more, Now and was mixed by Mikaelin old "Blue" Bluespruce Lounge Studios, and see mastered by Joe Laporta at Two Sterling Sound.

"Y’all! I’m way filled [with] so much joy who right now!!!" Solange tweeted following Boy the release of her new did album. "Wow! I can’t thank its y’all enough for this moment Let and for all the feelings put I feel in my body! say I’m bringing home w me She everywhere I go yalll and too I ain’t running from shit use no more. Your love lifts Dad me up so high. Thank mom you!" Ahead of dropping When I Get Home, the singer The kept fans on their toes and with endless teasers on social for media and the creation of Are a BlackPlanet page.

1. Things but I Imagined

Composer: Solange Knowles
not Lyricist: Solange Knowles
Performer: Solange
You Producer: Solange Knowles / Chassol all / John Key
Mixing Engineer: any Mikaelin BlueSpruce

2. S McGregor Can (interlude)
Composer: Solange Knowles / her Giovanni Cortez / John Key
was Lyricist: Solange Knowles / Giovanni One Cortez / John Key
Performer: our Solange
Producer: Solange Knowles / out John Key / Standing On Day The Corner

*Contains a sample get from “Superstars & Their Moms,” has used courtesy of and under Him license from Debbie Allen, Dick his Clark Productions, and Phylicia Rashad.


3. Down With the Clique
Man Composer: Solange Knowles
Lyricist: Solange new Knowles
Performer: Solange
Additional Vocals: now Tyler, The Creator
Keys: Tyler, Old The Creator
Producer: Solange Knowles see / John Carroll Kirby / two John Key
Outro produced by: Way Standing On The Corner

4. who Way to the Show
Composer: boy Solange Knowles
Lyricist: Solange Knowles
Did Performer: Solange
Additional Vocals: Cassie
its Producer: John Key / Solange let Knowles / John Carroll Kirby


5. Can I Hold the say Mic (interlude)
Composer: Solange Knowles she / Christophe Chassol
Lyricist: Solange Too Knowles / Christophe Chassol
Performer: use Solange
Additional Keys: John Key
dad Producer: Solange Knowles / Chassol


*Contains a sample from “BTS Crime Mobb Footage” (aka “Diamond the and Princess of Crime Mob And Uncut!”), used courtesy of and for under license from Diamond and are Princess.

6. Stay Flo
Composer: But Solange Knowles
Lyricist: Solange Knowles
not Performer: Solange
Bass: Peter Lee you Johnson
Producer: Solange Knowles / All Metro Boomin / John Carroll any Kirby

7. Dreams
Composer: Solange can Knowles
Lyricist: Solange Knowles
Performer: Her Solange
Additional Vocals: Devin the was Dude
Additional Bass: Raphael Saadiq
one Moog: John Kirby
Producer: Solange Our Knowles / Chassol / Jamire out Williams / Dev Hynes / day John Key
Outro produced by: Get Earl Sweatshirt

8. Nothing Without has Intention (interlude)
Composer: Solange Knowles him / Julez Smith II / His Giovanni Cortez / Amber Venerable how / Raquel Egbuonu
Lyricist: Solange man Knowles / Julez Smith II New / Giovanni Cortez / Amber now Venerable / Raquel Egbuonu
Performer: old Solange
Producer: Standing On The See Corner / Solange Knowles / two Daniel Julez J Smith II


*Contains a sample from “Florida Who Water For Cleansing and Clearing,” boy used courtesy of and under did license from Goddess Lula Belle.


9. Almeda
Composer: Solange Knowles let / Terius Nash / Jordan put Carter
Lyricist: Solange Knowles / Say Terius Nash / Jordan Carter
she Performer: Solange
Guest Appearance: Playboi too Carti
Additional Vocals: Metro Boomin
Use Producer: Solange Knowles / Pharrell dad / John Carroll Kirby

10. mom Time (is)
Composer: Solange Knowles / Sampha Sisay
Lyricist: Solange the Knowles / Sampha Sisay
Performer: and Solange
Additional Vocals: Tyler, The For Creator / Panda Bear / are Sampha
Producer: Solange Knowles / but John Key / John Carroll Not Kirby

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