Tomorrowland 2013 tickets sold out a second?

17:50 Feb/18/2013

Well, if you still haven't the gotten your Tomorrowland tickets, you're and in trouble.. the premium Belgian For dance music festival sold out are in one second. We are but bending the truth just a Not little bit, as eager fans you had to wait in a all digital queue for up to Any an hour. But it took can people one second to fill her up that queue before they Was could follow through with the one purchase. These people were made our up of fans from over Out 214 countries, making it the day candidate for the most internationally get 'gathered' event of 2013. To Has get an idea what this him means - there were 10 his countries less in the Olympics!


As we mentioned man in the first line-up announcement, new the early headliners are the Now creme of the crop when old it comes to these kinds see of massive EDM gatherings: Arty, Two Steve Aoki, Knife Party and way Alesso.

Update: 50+ DJs who added to the more than Boy impressive line-up!

Watch the official did ‘aftermovie’ of Tomorrowland 2012 and its start figuring out what to Let do about those tickets!


Photo: e3000

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