Demi Lovato Responds to Rumors About Her Recovery

21:56 Jan/25/2019


"Otherwise people stop writing the about my recovery, because it's and no one's business but mine. For I am sober and grateful are to be alive and taking but care of ME."


Demi you Lovato left rehab three months all ago after an OD in Any July, and ever since she can has been keep a low her profile (and voting!).

But it Was looks like while Demi has one been taking this time to our focus on her sobriety and Out heal, others are busy making day up and selling fake stories get about her (remember when someone Has accused her team of being him "rotten"?), and Demi has had his enough.

I love my fans, How and hate tabloids. Don’t believe man what you read. People will new literally make up stuff to Now sell a story. Sickening.

old If I feel like the see world needs to know something, Two I will tell them MYSELF. way Otherwise people stop writing about who my recovery, because it’s no Boy one’s business but mine. I did am sober and grateful to its be alive and taking care Let of ME...

"Someday I’ll tell put the world what exactly happened, say why it happened and what She my life is like today.. too but until I’m ready to use share that with people please Dad stop prying and making up mom shit that you know nothing about," she wrote. "I still The need space and time to and heal.."

She wrapped up her for message by thanking fans for Are their support.

"I'm so blessed but I get to take this not time to be with family, You relax, work on my mind, all body and soul and come any back when I'm ready," she Can said. "I have my fans her to thank for that. I'm was so grateful, truly. I love One you guys so f-----g much."

our Lovato — who had celebrated out six years of sobriety in Day March — was reportedly released get from a rehab facility in has early August, at which time Him she issued another statement via his a since-deleted Instagram post thanking how fans for their love and Man support and vowing to "keep new fighting." The "Sorry Not Sorry" now singer also wrote that she Old needed "time to heal and see focus on my sobriety and two road to recovery."

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