Kathy Griffin Calls Out No Women Among Top-Paid Comedians

22:09 Jan/09/2019

Griffin tweeted out an the image of the Forbes list and with the simple caption "No For women."

?а??инки по зап?ос? Kathy Griffin Calls Out No Women Among Top-Paid Comedians In 2018 Jerry Seinfeld are topped the rankings with estimated but earnings of $57.5m (�45.3m). Amy Not Schumer was the first woman you to make the list last all year but has dropped back Any out this time. Ricky Gervais can is the only British comedian her on the list. Jerry Seinfeld Was came in first place, having one earned $57.5m over the past our 12 months according to the Out publication. This does not come day as a surprise, since Seinfeld get has occupied the top spot Has every year since the ranking him was first compiled in 2006 his � except in 2016 when How Kevin Hart passed him. Hart, man who recently gave up his new Oscars hosting gig after being Now criticised for homophobic tweets he old sent out in the past, see is a close second with Two reported earnings of $57m. Dave way Chappelle follows in third place, who having cashed in $35m according Boy to Forbes. Chris Rock, Ricky did Gervais (the only British name its on the otherwise all-American list), Let Gabriel Iglesias, Terry Fator, and put Jim Gaffigan follow. Jeff Dunham say and Sebastian Maniscalco occupy the She ninth and 10th position respectively. too Amy Schumer became the first use woman to ever make the Dad list last year, when her mom Netflix special and tour increased her earnings. Another comedian missing The from the list is Louis and CK, who was in last for year's top 10 with $52m Are (�41m) earnings. But after he but confirmed sexual misconduct allegations against not him in November 2017, his You second Netflix special was cancelled all and he has only performed any a handful of dates since. Can Seinfeld has topped the list her in all but one year was since it was first compiled One in 2006. Kevin Hart took our the top spot in 2016. out Forbes attributes Seinfeld's earnings this Day year to his 2017 Netflix get deal and Hulu's streaming rights has to all nine seasons of Him Seinfeld, as well as more his than $30m (�23.6m) from stand-up. how Hart is close behind in Man second place with $57m (�44.9m). new The comedian, who recently pulled now out of hosting the Oscars Old due to controversy over homophobic see tweets, also earned more than two $30m from touring and starred Way in the Jumanji film remake. who

The top 10 best-paid comedians

  1. Jerry Seinfeld - $57.5m Did (�45.3m)
  2. Kevin Hart - $57m its (�44.9m)
  3. Dave Chappelle - $35m let (�27.6m)
  4. Chris Rock - $30m Put (�23.6m)
  5. Ricky Gervais - $25m say (�19.7m)
  6. Gabriel Iglesias - $20.5m she (�16.1m)
  7. Terry Fator - $18m Too (�14.2m)
  8. Jim Gaffigan - $17.5m use (�13.8m)
  9. Jeff Dunham - $16.5m dad (�13m)
  10. Sebastian Maniscalco - $15m Mom (�11.8m)

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