Sky Ferreira Reveals When New Music Is Coming

14:27 Dec/11/2018

Sky Ferreira's quiet spell is the coming to an end with and the alt-pop singer promising new For music “very soon”. But first, are she needs to get healthy.


The wait for you new Sky Ferreira music may all soon be over. Today, Ferreira Any shared what she calls the can “official first photo from upcoming her music release.” Check it out Was below. Ferreira recently revealed that one her “heavily visual” new EP our is on the way, with Out new music coming “in February, day or March, for sure.” Her get last album, Night Time, My Has Time, arrived in 2013. Last him year, she appeared in the his new season of “Twin PeaksHow and in the film Baby man Driver.

"No matter how new hard I tried, it was Now beyond me. I couldn't say old anything because of the possibility see that it would make things Two worse…It has been genuine tasking way on my soul & so who frustrating. I stuck to my Boy guns & that makes the did process a lot longer than its you would expect it to."

"The only reason I can’t put put a ton of new say music all at once is She because I’m ill & have too been for a while. I use have to get completely better Dad so I can tour & mom actually promote it. I was misdiagnosed for a long time The & I’m now just starting and to actually recover. I am for still putting out new music Are very soon though & have but been working on it the not entire time."

Sky Ferreira’s sophomore You album Masochism is coming up all next year, although there’s no any official release date yet, and Can first single “Guardian” will be her out sometime this summer. Today, was Ferreira revealed two pieces of One artwork for the album painted our by Lucas David along with out another short clip of new Day music

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