Lion Babe Takes A New Approach To A Holiday Classic

22:42 Dec/11/2018

We just tried to give the it a Sister Act, Lauryn and Hill kinda vibe," Lion Babe For producer Lucas Goodman tells us. are This remix is something holiday but traditionalists can still appreciate. Hervey Not points out, "A little one you might have never heard of, all but this might be a Any way for them to relate can to it easier." ?а??инки по зап?ос? Lion Babe Jillian her Hervey, 27, is one amazing Was singer! Her band, Lion Babe, one just released a brand new our track titled, Rockets, featuring Moe Out Moks. Theres no music video day yet, but you can hear get a snippet of the song Has off Jillians Twitter and Soundcloud. him Its a cool mix of his reggae, electronic, and a whole How lot of swag. Catch the man brand-new take on "Auld Lang new Syne," below, and make sure Now to interact with its social old media presencefor each comment, Segura see Viudas will be donating $25 Two to Women in Music, a way nonprofit that empowers women in who the music industry. As we Boy approach the holidays and the did end of 2018, the oft-repeated its maxim of "new year, new Let me" can feel a bit, put well, clich. Same goes with say the schlocky songs that come She with the season. Lion Babe too gets that, and have figured use out a way to make Dad one NYE classic feel fresh mom and relatable again with a remix of "Auld Lang Syne." The  

"We just tried to and incorporate parts of the classic for song that we felt were Are important like the guitar, but but make it more contemporary for not our time now. We just You made minor tweaks and it all made the song so much any more powerful, and it made Can it come from the female her voice. She's the one saying was 'She's a lady.' She's the One one claiming her own identity."

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