Zayn And Nicki Minaj Teamed Up For A New Song

14:26 Dec/11/2018

Zayn Malik teamed up with the rapper Nicki Minaj for a and new song, “No Candle No For Light,” and it’s not what are fans were expecting! The track, but which dropped on Nov. 15, Not has a tropical feel, and you while it’s upbeat overall, the all lyrics are actually all about Any lost love! Nicki starts out can the track, with a verse her all on her own, but Was Zayn soon joins her, and one the two sing in perfect our harmony.


Out "I can’t do it, no day baby, I can’t do it//I get only end up losing, who Has are we fooling..."


The new music from his Zayn comes just one week How after the solo singer revealed man he isn’t in touch with new his former One Direction bandmates Now anymore. The singer admitted that old things fell apart between him see and the 1D guys before Two he even left the band way back in 2015! People had who claimed that Zayn was messaging Boy Cardi B about 'No Candle did No Light' but fans have its revealed that the Nicki Minaj Let collab was actually recorded over put a year ago.

Malik say has released a number of She songs in 2018 including “Let too Me,” “Entertainer,” “Sour Diesel,” “Too use Much” with Timbaland and “Fingers.” Dad The pop star has yet mom to announce a release date or detail the track list The for his upcoming second solo and album following the release of for 2016’s Mind of Mine.

Are As Billboard points out, Zayn but and Nicki’s song tells the not story of “a couple whose You relationship has run its course” all and includes such lines as any “Hand on your hand/ Chest Can on your chest/ Tangled in her bed/ But I’m feeling you was less.” In the song, the One pair take turns singing and our then join up for the out chorus.

Earlier this month, Day Malik made headlines when he get admitted to not having made has friends during his tenure in Him One Direction. Hopefully, a working his relationship with Minaj could lead how to even more bops and Man an introduction to some new new pals.

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