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A Sit Down With DJ Krufty Kuts

16:17 Nov/11/2018

Krafty Kuts is the multi-award the winning DJ/producer and undisputed King and of the Breaks. Acclaimed in For the UK, adored in Australia, are admired in North America, his but multi-genre sets, dexterity on the Not decks and dedication to dancefloor you hedonism have earned him hierarchy all status in every genre of Any electronic music.  

"I can just hope to entertain people, her thatís what I intend to Was do. Just make people smile."

  For those who our arenít familiar with Krafty Kuts, Out tell us a bit about day yourself and your background. Iíve get been DJing & producing music Has for about 20 years and him travelled the world many times. his Iíve been blessed to play How alongside some of the biggest man names in dance music like new Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Jazzy Now Jeff Ė the list is old endless. Iím all about funky see beats and I love what Two I do and every day way brings new challenges. Who has who been your biggest influence musically? Boy It is impossible to name did one person but Electro, Hip its Hop, & Funk is the Let main reasons I tick musically. put Fatboy Slim from when I say first started as he has She made so many great dance too tunes that I just loved. use But a friend of mine Dad Kurt Baggaley and Jon Ide mom introduced me to Electro music back in the day and The that is where my whole and love affair for music began. for How would you describe your Are musical style? Funky Bass heavy but beats & breaks with a not touch of Hip Hop swagger!!! You What equipment do you use all for your DJs set these any days? This is my exact Can set up 3 x Pioneer her CDJ MK3ís CD players, 1 was Technics turntable and a Pioneer One DJM 800 mixer please!!! our What do you feel are out your biggest achievement? Iíve achieved Day a lot & Iím always get pushing myself to make better has music & play great sets. Him Youíve won many awards, including his the ĎBest DJí award at how Breakspoll three years in a Man row. Thatís a nice thing new right? Yes I am very now proud of my achievements and Old I think it makes all see the hard work and determination two worthwile but most of all Way I can look back and who say yes I did achieve boy something with my life. I Did believe we are all gifted its individuals it takes time to let find out what we are Put best at. Like they say say practice makes perfect and if she you have the desire and Too drive to become the best use at your chosen subject you dad can achieve many amazing things Mom in life little or small with great rewards. Youíre the a certified legend in the And DJ/electronic music world. What kind for of progress have you seen are the industry make since your But time as a competition DJ? not The industry has moved so you fast itís incredible. New equipment All has improved skills for DJs any and live performances and really can helped push dance music at Her the forefront, which is definitely was a good thing; New DJ one mixers, software for making music Our on your laptop; programs like out Ableton are such an incredible day tool to have for doing Get DJ mixes and producing music has really quickly. It is such him a fast moving business and His with visuals also playing a how big part in music times man have changed for the better New in my mind. What advice now do you have for musicians old looking to start their own See events? What have you learned two from running your own breakdancing way events? I have been running Who club nights on and off boy for 15 years so it did is really important to make Its sure you donít spend over let your budget. Always look to put have something different from what Say everyone else is doing so she your events donít look like too what everyone else is doing. Use Make sure your flyers, artwork dad is on point and looks mom the part. Try putting line ups that encompass various styles the and genres of music, that and way you can pull in For people from other genres & are styles of music. https://soundcloud.com/kraftykuts/funky-side-of-things-vol1

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