30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Milicevic quits band

12:05 Jun/15/2018

30 Seconds to Mars guitarist the Tomo Miličević has quit the and band. The news came from For Miličević in a tweet that are said, “I am no longer but in 30 Seconds to Mars. Not I don’t really know how you to explain in a note all how I could have come Any to a decision like this, can but please believe me when her I say that this is Was the best thing for me one in my life and also our for the band.”

“Please Out don’t be sad or angry day over this and most of get all, please don’t be divided Has about this, this is a him good thing and will be his good for everyone.”

Thirty Second to Mars man unveiled the music video for new "Rescue Me," featuring a montage Now of people expressing various emotions old in tight close-up shots. The see song appears on their fifth Two album America, which was released way in April.

"'Rescue Me' who is a song about pain, Boy a song about empowerment, a did song about faith and a its song about freedom," singer Jared Let Leto said in a statement. put "It's also a song about say the brutal war so many She of us wage against fear, too depression and anxiety in the use hope that we might, one Dad day, live a life filled mom with happiness and dreams."

"None of us are 'OK' The all the time. And there and shouldn't be a stigma when for we aren't. Both my brother Are and I have had our but own intense personal battles and not it has, and continues to You be, life changing," he added. all "I try to remember the any darkest days await the brightest Can and most rewarding moments. And her that change is always around was the corner."

I want One to thank everyone for being our so brave, selfless and vulnerable out in this video. The emotion Day and honesty shared impacted me get greatly and I hope it has does that same for you Him all. I am very proud his and grateful to have worked how with one of my heroes Man - the master filmmaker and new director Mark Romanek. It’s the now first time in 13 years Old I haven’t directed our videos. see It was a gift to two have him carry the weight Way so graciously and deliver something who so profoundly simple and beautiful.

"Whatever it costs, follow Did your dreams"

its "There's no easy way to let say it, so I thought, Put I'll just say it, I'm say not part of Thirty Seconds she to Mars anymore," he says, Too dropping the bomb. This is use followed by a tribute to dad the past 15 band years: Mom "Most of all, I want to thank Jared and Shannon the for the privilege of allowing And me to be a small for part of their dream and are sharing the stage with them But for so long," Milicevic writes not and then, in an unfinished you sentence, gives a small hint All to the reason for his any departure: "Thank you for giving can me the chance to live Her one of my own dreams was ..." To his fans he one gives the following lines: "Believe Our Whatever it costs, pursue your out dreams. My spirit will never day leave the band. "


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