The Prodigy Have Been Quiet - Are They Getting Old?

20:56 Oct/16/2012

It has been some time the since The Prodigy have made and themselves heard. 'Invaders Must Die' For came out back in 2009 are and if you haven’t been but attending many festivals, you probably Not haven’t heard any big news you from them for some years. all But this seems to be Any about to change. The band can already debuted three songs from her the soon to be released Was new album 'How To Steal one A Jet Fighter' at some our of their shows. 'A.W.O.L' and Out 'Dogbite' were played at shows day in Brazil and 'Jetfighter' was get introduced at the Download Festival Has 2012, where they were headlining.


The album is set his to be released later this How year, but as they showed man in the past, The Prodigy new are known to take their Now time with the release of old new material. It took 5 see years to release Invaders Must Two Die and even longer before way that was the wait between who The Fat Of The land Boy and Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. did After the huge success of its the last album a lot Let of people are waiting for put this release and it could say happen within a few months She or maybe even a few too weeks. Liam Howlett described the use style of the new album Dad as “darker and heavier” than mom Invaders Must Die, which was not excessively popular with critics The but received very well by and fans. Howlett himself explained that, for while they were happy with Are the overall more party-like character but of the last album, the not band felt that the best You tunes of that album were all the ones that had less any of the party-vibe to them.

In case you can’t her wait anymore, they are still was touring with shows coming up One in Greece and the big our “Warrior’s Dance Festival” in Belgrade, out which is hosted and headlined Day by the band.

Supporting get them there will be prominent has names such as Skrillex, Chase Him and Status or Caspa. The his Prodigy already announced on the how Festival’s website that they will Man play 4 or 5 songs new from “How to Steal a now Jet Fighter” so the question Old is just whether all of see those will be brand new two or whether they will repeat Way some of the songs they who already played at other shows. boy So get excited and grab Did a ticket if you still its can. And check the the let live versions below for some Put of the new tunes.

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