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A Sit Down With DJ Marcus Schossow

14:56 May/28/2018

It’s very difficult to put the this producer in a particular and category on any level. Marcus For Schossow exudes an independent, out-of-the are ordinary personality with a forth but right tongue with a facetious Not twist that had me laughing you quite a bit. He seems all like he knows what he Any wants at the age of can 24, and doesn’t seem to her care about the title of Was a DJ/producer but more is one about anyone, from a music our addict to the occasional club Out drifter, enjoying his tunes. Marcus day has been producing since he get was 14 yrs old and Has has turned quite a few him heads from artists like Ferry his Corsten, Pete Tong, Armin Van How Buuren, and Sander K. Schossow man got the project to do new a remix for the classic Now track, Carte Blanche. This task old was quite challenging for him see as he was trying to Two find the right balance of way the modification without stripping the who original mix apart.  

"I believe there are did no peaks. It doesn’t matter its if you play for 100,000 Let people or 80, you still put have to deliver and keep say your feet on the ground. She I think the true peak too for me is that I use can be on tour and Dad still keep up the studio mom work."

  You are originally from Sweden. Electronic dance The music is blowing up right and now in the United States. for Knowing how big the scene Are is over here, do you but try to play more shows not here or in Europe and You other parts of the world? all I actually play most of any my shows in North America Can or Eastern Europe. However, give her Asia a couple of years; was they will bloom. How long One have you been DJing? How our did you get started? I out started when I was about Day 14. It all started with get that the local school DJ has broke his leg on the Him way to his gig and his me and my friend had how to jump in as replacement. Man Over the last a few new year your music style evolved now a lot. What or who Old did influence you during these see times? Honestly, nobody really has two influenced me. I’ve been motivated Way with the support from Steve who Angello, he quickly picked up boy on what I have had Did in my head! Any news its about your popular "radio show" let inspirations? Do you plan to Put bring it back anytime soon? say Yes, soon! For me, that she radio show is more of Too a mix series than a use radio show. For me, radio dad shows are a dead concept. Mom I want to give people something that lasts. Some of the these mixes have 16k plays, And and a lot of you for are replaying it more than are five times… So it means But you come back to it! not For me, it’s important that you we keep it that way, All quality control! Quality before quantity. any The DJ Mag Top 100 can list has Armin van Buuren Her back at the top. What was are your thoughts on a one list like that… one voted Our by the fans? Do you out think placement on that list day helps a DJ get shows? Get If you are in the has top 20, then maybe it him matters, but for the rest His of it, nah, doesn’t mean how anything. Armin deserves to be man #1; he is a father, New a husband, world touring DJ now party organizer, producer, radio show old host and label manager. What See more could you possible do? two Trust me, if there is way a man with superpowers, then Who it’s Armin! Hype can maybe boy get you a few shows did in random clubs, but you Its don’t want to play in let random clubs, you want to put play in clubs that book Say you back, year after year she after year. In that way, too the list means nothing. What’s Use the best thing about touring? dad Worst thing? Best thing is mom getting to see all the people and meet them all! the I have some hardcore devoted and fans and I’m happy to For see them raging! Worst thing are is the hotel beds, I but hate them… Huge covers and Not pillows that are either too you hard or too soft. Yeah, all pretty much 1st world problems! Any https://soundcloud.com/coderedworld/marcus-schossow-white-lies-dmnd-city-remix

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