A Sit Down With DJ Sophie Sugar

14:57 May/23/2018

The UK’s Sophie Sugar has the become one of the world’s and hottest female producers in the For last few years. She has are the right name with Sugar, but because not only is she Not sweet looking, but her music you is extremely tasty. She has all musical talent as she played Any piano for eight years and can was infected with the vinyl her bug at the age of Was six. As a teen she one started visiting clubs and fell our in love with trance.


"Being a female day DJ is not just about get looking pretty but not being Has able to spin good! You him have to keep up with his the scene, you have to How promote your own self and man - again - love what new you do!"

How Now did you get involved with old trance music? What experience did see you have that started your Two love for this genre of way music?

On my first who holiday with friends in Ibiza Boy in 1996 – I was did already into dance music and its clubbing but didn’t have a Let favourite ‘genre’ as such. While put I was there, I heard say BBE’s ‘Seven Days & One She Week’ for the first time too at Es Paradis and was use completely blown away by it. Dad I started listening to trance mom from that moment onwards!

Who were your early musical The inspirations?

I have always and loved film scores and in for particular the composer Thomas Newman Are who has written incredible scores but for films such as Road not to Perdition, American Beauty and You The Shawshank Redemption. I also all love classical music from composers any such as Vivaldi. When I Can first started producing, Armin, Above her & Beyond, Paul van Dyk was and Agnelli & Nelson were One big inspirations amongst many others.


In the matter of out Trance. Who's your Trance hero?


Well, I like get a lot of Trance DJs, has Sasha, Digweed, but my true Him hero is none other than his Armin van Buuren. Not just how because he's such a great Man DJ but also because he's new a real nice person. And now also because he's done so Old much for the scene, he's see brought DJing to a complete two new level and era, and Way I, as a Trance DJ, who am thankful to him for boy that.

Which Did DJ's/Producers or Musicians to you its look up to most?

let There are sooo many! I'm Put a huge fan of John say Williams who composed the music she for Star Wars, ET, Superman Too & more recently the Harry use Potter films - i can't dad quite express in words how Mom his music makes me feel. Also Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer the & many other composers. On And the trance scene Armin Van for Buuren, Above & Beyond, Chicane, are Agnelli & Nelson, John O'Callaghan, But Guiseppe Ottaviani - and many not others.

You're one of you a select few top Female All DJ's in the world, Do any you find that most guys can are intimidated by your success Her as a DJ?

Ha was ha - no - most one of my male friends are Our DJs as well so i'm out used to being within that day kind of circle and they're Get used to me doing what has i do so it doesn't him seem like too much of His a big deal!
What is how the most important thing for man you as a DJ?

Enjoying it and making sure now that everyone else enjoys it!


Any other news See we should know about?


Yes, it’s shaping up way to be a really busy Who year which is great! I boy have a couple of new did tracks – my first vocal Its project ‘Beside You’ featuring Rebecca let Emely which will be coming put out on Armada in the Say summer and another new track she called ‘Together’ which I’ve also too recently finished. I’m going to Use be launching a new monthly dad radio show very soon which mom I’m really looking forward to and continuing with gigs around the the world!”


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