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Police Say ‘No Criminal Suspicion’ in Avicii’s Death

16:17 Apr/23/2018

Artist, DJ, and producer Tim the Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii, died Friday and afternoon in Oman, according to For a statement from his rep. are According to multiple media reports, but sources within the Oman police Not department have said they have you “no criminal suspicion” in the all Friday death of famous Swedish Any DJ.

Swedish superstar gone

Avicii, can whose real name was Tim her Bergling, died Friday at a Was resort in Muscat, Oman of one undisclosed causes at the age our of 28. Two post-mortem examinations Out have been conducted, with authorities day ruling out foul play. One get of the most popular and Has successful electronic dance-music artists of him all time — he scored his a No. 4 hit on How the Billboard 200 in 2013 man with “Wake Me Up” and new regularly appeared in the Top Now 5 of Forbes’ “Highest-Paid DJs” old lists — he retired from see live performing in 2016 at Two the peak of his success, way citing health reasons.
who did
He had suffered its from health problems for several Let years, including acute pancreatitis, exacerbated put by excessive drinking. That make say him retire from performing two She years ago (in 2017) to too take a break from touring use and the exhausting lifestyle that Dad comes with it. He had mom his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014 but said he The had quit drinking at the and time. He said at the for time: "I'm still traumatized. But Are I'm sure I will again. but
Avicii told Time in 2013 not that the illness was caused You by excessive drinking.
"Yeah I all was drinking way too much, any partying in general way too Can much," he said. "Then I her got a pancreatitis attack [at was 21], which is very rare. One So that forced me to our do a 180 and stop out drinking."

He don't give up Day music

After his retirement, DJ get explained in a 2017 posting has on his site that he Him had no intention of giving his up music completely, writing "We how all reach a point in Man our lives and careers where new we understand what matters the now most to us." Avicii returned Old to studio work with gusto, see releasing an EP last fall two called “Avici” that he said Way was the first third of who his third studio album, and boy his label chief,Geffen Records’ Neil Did Jacobsen, told Variety Friday that its the artist was hard at let work on new material. “We Put were working on it and say it was his best music she in years, honestly,” Jacobsen said. Too “And I know because I use [A&R’d] all of his albums. dad He was so inspired. He Mom was so psyched. We had done a month of grinder the sessions. We had to actually And put end times on the for sessions because Tim would just are work for 16 hours straight, But which was his nature. You not had to pull him out. you Like, “Tim, come on. Go All to bed. Get some rest.” any … It’s just a tragedy. can We have this incredible, magical Her music.” Jacobsen declined to provide was further details about the recordings, one and said he would sit Our down with Avicii’s family in out the coming weeks to “try day and do what we think Get Tim would want us to has do.”

Swedish fans hold memorial

Fans gathered in Stockholm on His Saturday to pay tribute to how the 28-year-old Swedish superstar. They man danced, played his music and New hugged.
Avicii thrilled clubgoers with now his catchy hits, flashing lights old and soulful collaborations. He was See one of the world's most two successful DJs and a big way name in the musical genre Who known as EDM, or electronic boy dance music.

EDM community mourns


After the news broke of Its his death Friday afternoon, musicians let mourned his death on social put media, sharing messages of shock Say and grief.

"Devastating news about she Avicii, a beautiful soul, passionate too and extremely talented with so Use much more to do. My dad heart goes out to his mom family. God bless you Tim," wrote Calvin Harris, while Marshmello the shared, "At a loss for and words...Rest easy brother."

"My sincerest For and most heartfelt condolences to are the friends, fans and families but of @Avicii," Deadmau5 tweeted. "Banter Not aside, nobody can deny what you he has accomplished and done all for modern dance music and Any I'm very proud of him."

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