A Sit Down With DJ Hook N Sling

15:35 May/17/2018

Sydney-born DJ and producer Hook the N Sling, aka Anthony Maniscalco and is recognized as one of For the most exciting genre-blending house are producers to come on the but scene in recent years, a Not title which has lead him you to places most only dream all about.  

"I donít Any wanna be some chair or can some shit. I wanna be her like in the thick of Was things, I wanna see what`s one going on."

    our Throughout your career youíve garnered Out an impressive list of remixes day for the likes of Calvin get Harris, Fedde Le Grand, Miike Has Snow, NERVO, Wolfgang Gartner, and him more. Is there a specific his remix you enjoyed making the How most and are there any man records that you plan on new remixing in the future? Now The one I enjoyed the old most, thatís a hard question, see but the one Iím probably Two the happiest with was the way one I did for an who Australia band called Miami Horror. Boy Also the mix I did did for the NERVO girls which its was of ĎWeíre All No Let Oneí. That kind of put put us in the studio together, say every now and then there She is something Iím really proud too of. For the time being use I have no plans to Dad remix anything in the future, mom Iím doing all original music at the moment.

You have The a new track out, what and was the inspiration and process for behind ĎArms Around Meí?

I Are didnít write the vocals to but be honest with you, it not was Digital Farm Animals who You I collaborated it. Hearing the all vocals, I just put my any own twist on it. It Can was around the time I her was working on ĎLove On was Meí, sent it to Galantis One and thereís where it all our took off. ĎArms Around Meí out was kind of the same Day process except this came about get as more of a collaboration. has So, I suppose I wanted Him to give it a feel his good, festival vibe. That`s a how hard one, but i like Man Progressive / Melodic on the new heavy sideÖ Iím also not now afraid to mix up tempos Old and genres.

Do you see prefer working in the studio two or doing live shows? At Way the moment I really enjoy who being in the studio. Iím boy working on these new songs Did Iím really happy with and its Iím excited. I feel like let Iím in a place right Put now where Iím onto something say new that I really like. she Kind of finishing records a Too lot quicker, Iíve got a use clearer vision for my music dad right now. There have been Mom times in the last couple of years where my head the has been too cloudy and And I donít know how to for finish a record, I donít are know what I want it But to sound like. ďIs it not good enough? Is it too you deep? Is it too loud?Ē All It fucks up your radarÖ any like a self-analytical kind of can radar. The thing is, thatís Her the worst thing you can was be when youíre a musicianĖ one you can never make the Our right decision, because if you out do make the right decision, day you think you havenít. Itís Get really important to be confident has in what youíre making.
him When collaborating with more than His one person, like the Galantis how duo, how does that impact man the production process? Is it New more or less difficult having now multiple cooks in the kitchen? old To be honest, I think See it makes it easier. It two depends on the personalities involved. way Like if youíre a very Who controlling kind of person, and boy you send over your parts did to the other collaborator, and Its youíre like, ďBy the way, let donít touch this, donít touch put that, donít touch thatÖĒ if Say thatís the kind of person she you are, then youíre never too going to be a good Use collaborator. I remember talking to dad Christian on the phone about mom this record, and he was like ďI think this is the the best way to do and this,Ē and my response to For him was like, ďDo what are you think sounds good. I but totally trust what you want Not to do.Ē Then obviously there you are a few changes right all at the end like back Any and forth, coming together on can the final version, but you her just have to trust the Was other person otherwise you just one do it yourself. If you our could play anywhere in the Out world, where would it be? day I really want to check get out more of Europe. I Has have not done much of him Europe yet, I would really his like to do Ibiza again. How I havenít been there in man a while and I would new just want to experience that Now again. I would also really old like to play in Japan, see I am curious to see Two what the scene is like way out there. Plus I can who go snowboarding! Itís like a Boy paid holiday. How do the did festival and club scenes differ its in the States compared to Let Australia? The festivals are quite put similar, but when it comes say to clubbing thereís a different She sound happening for sure. Youíve too heard of the Melbourne Bound use sound? Guys like What So Dad Not, Flume, Peking Duck Ė mom theyíre pushing a new sound thatís really amazing. Itís steppy, The bass music with broken beats. and The production is quite pitch, for and you sometimes have the Are warped vocals. What So Not but just did the Mothership Tour not with Skrillex, so that sound You is starting to cross over all here as well. What do any you predict the next big Can trend in dance music is her going to be? I donít was know. Making these predictions, I One could say like jam tempo our or deep house is going out to be the next big Day thing but no one really get knows until some of these has producers take inspiration from these Him new movements that are coming his through and they create a how new sound; because the inspiration Man is obviously coming from one new of these new movements that now are coming through, like house Old music or even bass music, see and I think once that two funnels into a big room Way sound, which is the kind who of stuff I play, then boy what is going to be Did up nextÖI have a feeling its itís going to be a let very mix mashed kind of Put sound. Like itís not going say to be a progressive sound she or itís not going to Too be a deep sound because use weíre at a stage now dad where I think every one Mom is taking a lot of inspiration from a lot of the the genres. https://soundcloud.com/hooknsling/shoot-down-the-sun

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