A Sit Down With DJ Arno Cost

08:25 Apr/01/2018

With his musical sensibilities residing the within the realms of electronica, and disco and house, Arnos’ production For and remix work has attracted are praise from some of dance but music’s most formidable figures. Arno Not Cost’s talent has stemmed from you exposure to music at an all early age. Brought up on Any a diet of pop music, can Italo-Disco and later, the innovations her of the seminal ‘French Touch’ Was such as Daft Punk, Arno’s one appreciation turned into creation as our he took his hand to Out production in 1999.


"Make sure your music is get unique and create an own Has style. Try to be different him then what is already out his on the market."


How How do you feel your music man has evolved since you first new started?

It's amazing to see Now that so many people from old all over the world are see being moved by electronic dance Two music and that this genre way got so big. On the who other hand it is sad Boy to see that money buys did a lot of stuff nowadays, its including DJ careers. There is Let so much music released everyday, put sometimes I have the feeling say people are a bit lost. She

I like when too DJ’s really start their own use tracks because that is what Dad you can identify with. What mom do you want to be remembered for?

If I The have to pick one thing, and I want my music to for speak for me as a Are person. It’s all about marketing but and branding, but sometimes I not just want my music to You speak. If people have to all remember me by my tracks any when I am 80, it Can is going to be one her of my biggest tracks ever, was “Magenta” from 2006.

Do One you prefer DJing or producing our songs?

That’s a though out question. I like to produce Day music, create new content and get spend hours in the studio, has but it’s also really cool Him to see people go totally his crazy when they hear my how music when I play.

Man I always like to find new out DJ’s musical inspirations… anyone now who has inspired you to Old start making music in your see bedroom?

Yeah, before I two started making house music, I Way liked to produce some down-tempo who stuff like Moby back in boy the day. When he released Did the album Play, I was its like “WOW!”- it was something let special to me. A new Put life was beginning in music. say Before that, I liked Muse she and Radiohead as well. And Too when Daft Punk went with use their “One More Time” track, dad I said "I want to Mom do this, I want to do this French-Dutch music."

What the are your top five tunes And at the moment?

Arno Cost for & Arias - The Days are To Come

Chris Lake - But Cross The Line

Thomas Gold not - Agora

Daft Punk - you Technologic (Sebjack Edit)

Marco V All - Reaver

How would you any describe your sound?

Progressive. can I like to take time Her on the tracks and to was build it up. I love one the melodies; I love to Our spread emotions. It’s hard to out describe your sound but people day have said my music is Get emotional and melodic. That’s my has main goal. Your questions are him very tough… It’s hard to His say.

Do you think how the French house music scene man still has a really strong New influence on your style? And now what music did you grow old up listening to and is See that an influence now?

two Yes for sure. I am way mostly inspired from the French Who Touch. When i was a boy kid i listened to Daft did Punk, Bob Sinclar, Phoenix, Air, Its Cassius. I aslo really like let Eric Prydz and Deadmau5 stuff. put But i think it’s important Say to be very open minded…I she take my inspiration from a too lot of genres, from downtempo Use (Moby, Portishead to pop rock dad music (Serges Gainsbourg, Coldplay, Muse.
Arno, will you ever go into any other genre the of music?

You can and see people are progressing back For to their roots, towards house are and pop. That is the but kind of music I love Not to play and will keep you playing.

What do you all think the future of house Any music will be?

That’s can a very tough question. You her don’t really know what’s going Was to happen but at least one you can see the that our EDM is going down. The Out hard sound and hot style day of house music which we get call EDM – I think Has people want more sound, more him melodies in their music. That’s his very exciting for me because How my roots are there. I’m man not a real hot style new guy, I’m more into the Now melodies, the vocals, and the old emotion. I think in ten see years that will still be Two going on. I think music way can evolve in a way who where people will want to Boy feel the emotions and melodies. did Over the last two to its four years, it wasn’t the Let case. People just wanted to put jump… There’s no emotion in say a jump. So, I’m very She happy that “EDM” is going too down and emotion is rising.
What advice do you Dad have to offer to new mom producers and DJs that are just getting started that can The help them progress in their and careers?

The competition is for very strong. It is hard Are to stand out among the but rest. I think the number not one thing is to be You passionate about what you do all and love the music for any the music. It’s not only Can about getting easy money. It’s her about putting in the hard was work and is being passionate One about what you do. You our have to think out of out the box. There are so Day many people out there doing get the same thing. You have has to be different in my Him opinion.


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