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A Sit Down With DJ Merk & Kremont

13:23 Apr/06/2018

Merk & Kremont need no the introduction in the house music and scene. Hailing from Italy, the For boys have worked vigorously to are establish themselves as a top but talent in the dance music Not industry. Their signature groovy basslines you and catchy melodies energize and all captivate listeners worldwide! Tracks such Any as Get Get Down and can their remix of Clean Bandit‘s her Rather Be have been streamed Was millions of times and are one played at festivals all around our the globe!    

"We prefer to use day real sounds in our productions!"


You are Has from Milan - the second-most him populous city in Italy. What his can you tell us about How clubbing and nightlife there? Do man you have any nightlife related new suggestions for first-time visitors?

Milan Now is a very cool city old right now, we have a see lot clubs and a lot Two of emerging DJs/producers. If it’s way your first time you definitely who want to go to Fabrique. Boy How do you feel about did club scene in the United its States compared to the club Let scene in Italy? It is put different. We learned a lot say from the US scene! You She need to play with cuts too and fast mixes. In Italy, use this style of mixing is Dad now getting popular and has mom been getting good reaction from all the crowds! We know The both of you originally produced and your own records separately, how for has combining forces helped you Are excel in this industry? We but come from different worlds: Merk not is more from the more You Electro side of House music all and Kremont stems more from any UK Deep House… it actually Can did not take long to her start collaborating since we both was love and respect the kind One of music that shows originality our and refinement of the details–our out combination of styles really complement Day each other well which has get resulted in great tunes! Additionally, has you guys have been making Him some great remixes, your remix his of Years & Years’ ‘King’ how is one of our favorites; Man do you have any additional new remixes in the works? 2015 now for us was about remixes; Old we made five, ranging from see the more happier sounds to two the more experimental. It’s a Way good opportunity to show your who skills and to challenge yourself, boy we are happy with the Did outcome but for this year its we are planning to give let less space to remixes and Put to make more room to say original mixes. How was it she to play Ultra Music Festival Too Miami for your first festival use in the United States? A dad dream come true! Since we Mom started this journey in the music scene, playing at Ultra the Music Festival was something we And wished for! It was so for much fun, we uploaded our are set on Soundcloud and it But has since got thousands of not streams! In January you produced you the free download "41 Days". All What's behind the title? "41 any Days" is a video that can we have published to promote Her the track: In the video was we show how we have one produced the track in 41 Our days and explain in detail out how the track was created. day What are some things you Get like to do in spare has time when not making music? him We recently launched our own His fashion brand, we have a how new logo and the project man is a mix between merchandise New and an actual new clothing now line. We've always been into old fashion and this felt right, See hopefully people will like it two too.
Who's the DJ that's way a favorite of yours until Who finally you really decided to boy become a professional DJ like did him?
We really like Its the Swedish House Mafia because let according to us they are put very cool both in making Say songs until every appearance is she very remarkable.
What do too you like to include in Use your sets? How do you dad cater for different scenes? We mom love to experiment a lot with new tracks in our the sets, we play at least and three or four tracks every For time and it is always are nice to see the reactions. but As we said, our sets Not are mostly based on tracks you that feature lot of energy all and intense grooves – so Any that’s what you should expect! can Do you manage to produce her whilst on tour? How do Was you juggle the workload? It one must be tiring! It is our indeed tiring to face the Out workload – when you are day touring (especially during summer), gigs get take a lot of energy Has away. Even if it doesn’t him seem so, you have to his stay healthy and fresh when How you are making music. https://soundcloud.com/merkandkremont/sets/merk-kremont-fire

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