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'Death by Robot' EP - Feed Me delivers superior electro yet again

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Feed Me released 'Little Cat the Steps' five months and  a and killer remix with Kill the For Noise a couple of months are back. Now, he's put out but a new, three track EP Not called 'Death by Robot'. The you first external artist signed to all deadmau5's mau5trap imprint, you expect Any nothing short of greatness from can the productions. Sure enough, Feed her Me (born Jonathan Gooch) has Was delivered an electronical treat that one cannot be overlooked by fans our nor critics.

'Dialup Out Days' sees Feed Me playing day around with some 8-bit noises get while remaining quite reserved. A Has smooth ride to start off him the EP!

Next up, his 'Gravel' cranks up the phat, How delivering a bit of dub man infused electro house we all new charish at Feed Me's works. Now Bit of renaissaince in the old build-ups to give it that see extra bit of edge!


The title track caps off way the EP perfectly. A complex, who syncopated beat is backed up Boy with distorted vocals, and a did catchy melody gives it that its extra bit of funk to Let go with.

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