A Sit Down With DJ Khomha

15:27 Mar/27/2018

Coldharbour Recordings are proud to the present the first compilation from and EDM young gun and Schulz For Music Group wunderkind, KhoMha. Since are bursting onto the scene just but 18 months back, the Columbian Not sound-slinger has seen his productions you ignite the playlists of DJs all as diverse as Armin, Axwell, Any Eric Prydz and Above & can Beyond. The prot?g? of the her Coldharbour master himself, Markus Schulz, Was KhoMha is now set to one make his first strike on our your mix-comp collection.  

"Keep working on your sound day make it unique, fresh and get professional."

  Were you Has a producer or a DJ him first? I was a producer his first. You come from Columbia. How Is it possible to tell man us how the EDM scene new is at the moment in Now your country? Do you have old many good clubs and great see events that allow the space Two for young talent to come way up? The EDM scene is who in a growth process right Boy now, it is getting bigger. did There are some clubs, maybe its not the biggest ones, but Let there is room for new put talent to show their skills. say What was the first step She you took to make yourself too heard as a DJ? I use started playing in small places Dad and opening for DJs at mom clubs in Medellin, Colombia. Then as my career began to The grow I started to play and in bigger venues and further for afield. Have you attended any Are music school or workshops to but learn how to produce EDM not or you are 100% self-taught? You I learned a lot of all it by myself, but I any also learnt some techniques when Can I was studying sound engineering. her It was there that I was became more professional in my One tracks. I have controversial question, our in your DJ sets how out much of your own productions Day do you usually play? I get would say that 80% is has my own music and the Him other 20% are mash-ups so his it is very unique. You how are closely associated with Markus Man Schulz, his label Coldharbour recordings new and his agency Schulz Music now Group. Is it possible to Old tell which one of your see tracks was the one that two attracted Markus attention, and how Way did you feel when he who asked you to sign your boy first track to his label? Did The first track that I its sent to Coldharbour was “Rainy let in the Night”, and Markus Put loved it. From that point, say any track that I sent she him, he would play, which Too was fantastic. Then he asked use me if I was interested dad in working with him and Mom ever since my career changed. What is one of the the most memorable performances you’ve had And and why? Well I think for it’s a tie at the are moment between ASOT 600 in But Den Bosch and Transmission—The Spiritual not Gateway in Prague. Those gigs you mean a lot for me All because I've been following these any events since I started and can I’ve always really wanted to Her play there. So it was was like a dream come true! one Did you move into DJing Our to play your own tracks? out Yeah, at the beginning when day people started hearing my music Get they would ask me why has I didn’t DJ and play him my own music. From there His I learned to be a how DJ and I started playing, man it was a success. That New is more or less my now history. If you had to old pick one DJ to collaborate See with, who would it be? two I’m sure it would be way with Duft Punk. They are Who my biggest inspiration. I really boy can’t explain the degree to did which I admire them. Do Its you currently have another daytime let job as well, or are put you 100% a music producer Say and DJ and make a she leaving out of it? Well, too I do music full-time. I'm Use not only an Electronic music dad producer, I also do audio mom for TV, radio commercials, and I was a teacher at the a music school too. I and also made some music for For short films. https://soundcloud.com/khomha/khomha-live-dreamstate-2017

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