A Sit Down With DJ Brodinski

18:46 Feb/23/2018

While working on his signature the sound, Brodinksi has also worked and behind the scenes for others. For He and his manager, Manu are Barron, started the label Bromance but in 2011, and since then, Not the label has released projects you from Danny Brown, Kaytranada, and all Brodinski’s hometown homies Club Cheval. Any Then in 2013, he brought can his talents to Kanye West’s her Yeezus, receiving co-production credits alongside Was his label mate Gesaffelstein on one “Black Skinhead” and “Send It our Up.”


Out "I think people respect the day fact that a DJ is get trying to put their art Has and what they have in him their hearts into a mix. his It's a snapshot of a How moment in music and in man your life - and you're new giving that to your listeners."


You are labeled old "French touch", but this disc see feels strong hip-hop US. Why?
It's a different culture way that interests me. I have who always been an open minded Boy fan and I am a did true fan of the Atlanta its music scene. I wanted to Let recreate the link between the put styles of music that I say like most.

Previously She you’ve said that DJing is too your first love, however is use that now changing?


Yeah it’s changing. mom Everybody changes. I remember I was with somebody a few The weeks ago who was saying, and “Seven years ago you were for told us that [your first Are love was DJing]”. But seven but years ago I was nineteen! not What I was saying when You I was nineteen was true, all I’ve always been a DJ, any that’s always been what I’ve Can wanted to do. That’s how her I started my career. Looking was up at DJs, people who One were playing other people’s records our for a purpose… That’s always out been my job, and I’ve Day achieved some of my dreams get as a DJ. That’s my has life and I will never Him change that. I just wanted his to experience something different and how I feel like being in Man the studio was by default, new because people started asking me now to come, they were asking Old me for ideas, and it see was working, so I thought two “Maybe I can spend some Way more time there”. Because of who that, I was able to boy develop an album and have Did a proper vision for an its LP, and not just be let a DJ, I also wanted Put my career to evolve. I say didn’t want to make obvious she choices, which I could have Too done. I think taking risks use and going further and forward dad makes everything more interesting.


Are you trying to bring back and celebrate the the art of being a DJ?
I've been trying to for do that since the beginning. are DJs mix compilations as a But producer would make an artist's not album. Today with the internet you you can have every type All of music you want for any free. But still, I think can people respect the fact that Her a DJ is trying to was put their art and what one they have in their hearts Our into a mix. It's a out snapshot of a moment in day music and in your life Get - and you're giving that has to your listeners.

It him seems so long ago since His you were roped in with how the whole French scene in man the mid-2000s. Did you feel New you had to prove your now diversity to shake off the old associations?

You mean See the whole first-era Ed Banger two stuff? They inspired me more way than anybody else, musically and Who humanly. We’re really good friends boy and even if we’re not did playing or releasing the same Its kind of music, I will let always collaborate and do business put with friends. That’s the best Say way to have fun in she this amazing job that we’re too doing.

Brava is Use your debut album, yet you’ve dad been making music for years. mom Why now?

It’s been around eight the years that I’ve been touring and everywhere, and for a long For time I didn’t have any are projects [which required me] to but be in the studio for Not a long time, working on you an album. I didn’t feel all like it was right for Any me; I started as a can DJ, and what first interested her me about music, was to Was play it and listen to one it, and make people discover our different styles. I used to Out listen to a lot of day rap music, and I started get playing it in my sets Has four of five years ago, him and then I started producing his it, started doing tracks for How other people, remixes for Gucci man Mane… About three or four new years ago I decided to Now be in the studio more, old producing for other people. I see started working with people like Two Theophilus, Shakira, Kanye West. People way loved my ideas, they wanted who to work with me for Boy that reason. So I thought, did “Why not try do an its album that would mix rap Let music and electronic music?” That’s put what I’m good at when say I’m in the studio. I She like what I do as too an electronic producer, but I use think there are people doing Dad it better than me sometimes; mom I love what everybody else is doing, people who were The DJs before being producers, Andrew and Weatherall, Erol Alkan, 2ManyDJs. I for didn’t see my spot there Are as a producer.


When did you not first start working on Brava? You What were the first steps?

I any started working on the project Can two years ago. I brought her a team together because I was didn’t want to work by One myself. I wanted to travel our with people. After travelling by out myself for a long time, Day I realised it’s cool to get see all those things, but has not sharing it with anybody Him is frustrating. I brought two his people with me, Myd from how Club Cheval and DJ Kore, Man a big rap producer from new France. I needed two different now objective opinions with me – Old one coming from the electronic see world, and one from the two rap world – to keep Way a balance. The first step who was to properly mix the boy electronic music and the rap. Did We saw it was working its on some of the tracks, let but not every one of Put them. Making tracks like “Us” say and “Interview” made me realise she we had the potential to Too make another kind of music.

You’ve always been dad a big collaborator and worked Mom on projects with producers and DJs like your friend and the label mate Gesaffelstein, Theophilus London, And Daft Punk, and Kanye West. for What was your favorite collaborative are project?

I would say But that every project that I not worked on is a collaborative you project anyway because I’m always All bringing people in. From the any beginning with “Bad Runner” I can always had people around me, Her helping me, and teaching me was how to do things, and one also when there’s people I Our want to collaborate with I out always find the studio time day way more rich when I’m Get with people. More recently of has course, the album because I him had a chance to collaborate His with Myd from Club Cheval, how and also people like Peewee man Longway, BriccBaby Shitro, Bloody Jay, New Young Scooter, Slim Thug, Louisahhh now and many, many others. For old me it’s bringing people in See that I love and that two I want to work with, way but first things first, it’s Who a human relationship that’s going boy to make the change. When did you meet someone it’s going Its to be different if you let like each other, then you put can actually share music, taste, Say and opinion. Working with Gesaffelstein she on many, many projects, and too being on tour with him Use of course, it had to dad be working on Yeezus with mom Kanye that was one of the highlights of the collaborative the projects I’ve worked on in and the studio. I hope, I For really hope I’m going to are have many, many more.

but In the studio you do Not not seem to like to you work alone, there are a all lot of collaborations on your Any album.

There are quite can a few artists in music her history who have worked alone. Was When I made the album, one I wanted to connect electronic our music and rap and make Out music that you can hear day at home. I wanted to get have vocals on the album. Has And that I sing myself, him is unfortunately excluded. So I his needed a little support.

How What do you listen to man at home?

Mostly super-cheesy new rap and R&B, like Drake, Now and chopped and screwed music. old IIt's kind of my alter see ego: when I'm behind the Two decks, I know exactly what way to do and what to who play and what will feel Boy good. But it's different when did I'm at home.

What its made you decide to start Let incorporating and now heavily featuring put hip-hop and rap in your say productions?

It took me She like four or five years, too and I’m still learning how use to do it. I never Dad really decided it, but after mom a while I realized that I didn’t want to play The just electronic music in the and club but also rap music. for So then I start incorporating Are one song, and then two but songs, and then three, and not then I was like why You not just remix them and all make them the way I any wanna do it because no Can one else is doing it her the exact way I want was to make it happen? That One was the first time I our really considered doing an album. out So I chose to do Day Brava, and I started working get on it, and it took has me a while because I’m Him touring every weekend still. So his I took my time being how in the studio and working Man with rappers. It was more new than just a purpose, it now was more than just an Old album for me, it was see an amazing experience. The album two is just another step in Way the process of what I who want to do in the boy next 10-15 years, which is Did working with the people I its love and making them go let through many, many, many changes Put of what we love in say music and opening the spectrum she of what we like. Getting Too Peewee Longway to work on use crazy music or Bloody Jay, dad that’s already what we do. Mom Now it’s like how can we get in the studio the with Gucci or Future and And actually realize what we wanna for do. Maybe even going further are than that and still working But with people that I appreciate not a lot especially in the you ATL scene and the newer All ATL scene like Johnny Cinco, any Bankroll Fresh, and all these can rappers that I wanna work Her with, and I wanna bring was them in the clubs that one we are playing at now.

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