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A Sit Down With DJ Norin & Rad

12:21 Feb/15/2018

As full of energy as their music, the duo Norin & Rad unique approach and fast-cutting DJ style has earned them rightful reputations as party starters of the highest order. In the last 12 months alone, these two SoCal boys have played some of Australia’s biggest arenas with Above & Beyond, toured with Mat Zo on his Damage Control bus tour and rocked legendary spots around the world, from New York’s Roseland Ballroom, to India’s Jayamahal Palace, to Amnesia Ibiza. On the festival circuit, they have already conquered the stages of Miami’s Ultra, EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, and Creamfields in England, Argentina and Peru.


"It’s important to choose the right direction and decide what’s cool and what people will like but also what’s still me."


You were both born and raised in Orange county..how do you think your Southern California upbringing has impacted your music production?

From like alternative rock to just like rap, hip-hop, stuff that you know..we all listened to growing up going through our teens and everything. And I feel like a lot of it has to do with like..that’s where we get our energy from because we listen to alternative rock. We’re really into that energetic, heavy feel and..yea. Pretty much southern California is like the hot spot. It’s the melting pot of the melting pot we always say because it’s got everything there and I feel like it’s awesome because culturally, you can experience literally EVERYTHING in just that little city right there. So it makes it really interesting for what kind of perspective we gain, I think and so that’s really what projects onto our tracks when we start working on them.

What does the Anjunabeats family mean to you? How did you first join them?

The Anjunabeats family is not just our home but our family as well. We got offered to do a remix for them and the rest is history. We were beside ourselves with excitement! Ever since we started working together our dream was Anjuna.

When it comes to making music and live performances, has it been a huge adjustment to make for you?

Yeah definitely on the production side of things. Now I’m doing double the workload so it’s a bit of a change. As for live performances it doesn’t change much beside the fact that I’ll be on stage alone now.

Your tracks are firm favourites with the likes of Above & Beyond, Armin, Ferry, Emery, Schulz and you recently picked up a play by Judge Jules on BBC Radio 1. How do you feel when you hear the latest feedback?

It's unreal when we get the support we do. Not just from those big names, but from the fans as well. We have some of the most supportive fans right now and we couldn't be any more thankful for that. It really is a dream come true.

What made you decide to release 'Prototype' so quickly after its first play on ABGT50?

The whole Anjunabeats family, the A&Rs and Above & Beyond, was really supportive and really liked the sound. Everyone’s main goal was to push this out now, because its such a fresh sound. We got such a great response from people after 'Prototype' was played on ABGT50 that we decided to release it as soon as possible. Releasing it that fast just seemed natural.

How do you manage to be so creative? Do you have a pre-studio ritual?

We are always listening to new tracks. Not just Trance but we take influence from EVERYTHING. We listen to so many different styles of EDM and then on top of that we have our own personal tastes outside of EDM. It's actually very easy to keep your art fresh if you continue to take influence from variety. We'll start spitballing ideas and actually have too many to fit into a single track. So we'll have to start another and be working on both!

Speaking of doing things different, if you weren`t bound by having to play a trance set, what would be the ideal set you`d want to play?

I would love to play live. I’ve thought about it. If I could, it’d be a different side of me. I would play dance grooves and cool basslines. But I’d really want to experiment and have a few segments of the show where I’m doing songs that are 80-90 bpm. I’ve been experimenting writing some stuff that’s album-worthy – not to say I’m starting one – but it’s something that would work in a live, album setting to step outside the boundary of trance. For the most part it’d be funky and melodic and I’d keep those rich basslines.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Our super power would be to have production done in our heads and printed to MP3. That way we could cancel out clicking all together.

Your new track "Mezzo Forte", still has a very traditional Anjunabeats sound. Are you experimenting with other styles right now as well?

I’m definitely going to expand it. I want to take that classic Anjuna sound and flip it a bit. I feel like everyone’s saying it sounds like Arty or Mat Zo and I had that influence in mind. I love what they do and I want to hear more of that fresh, funky style that they’re doing. I don’t think I nailed it nearly as good as these guys but it’s nice to be compared to them!

How do you feel about the term trouse?

We definitely try to combine what we like like best from house and trance, but it isn’t really an accurate description. The word just sounds ugly.

Give one piece of advice for artists who are struggling with adversity.

Well first of all any real artist or musician (or probably person for that matter) is struggling with some type of adversity lot. All you can do is get to work, don’t complain and let the music do the talking.


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