A Sit Down With DJ Ruben De Ronde

13:40 Feb/13/2018

Ruben De Ronde has constantly given us a buzz in the scene with his exceptional releases heavily supported by his fans and fans of trance scene. He has joined others in playing at big festivals and gigs all around the world and also did a fantastic work touring with Armin Van Buuren for the “A State of Trance Festival Tour, ASOT”. He is not only a DJ nor Producer but he owns his own label “Statement Music” and discovers music in many aspects.


"From techno to down-tempo to trance, I believe every single bit that defines me as an artist."


How did you get in touch with electronic dance music – especially Trance - in the first place and how did you get into DJing and producing music?

I got in touch with Dance music through my brother, he started DJ'ing Drum and Bass and infected me. Radio always intrigued me and there was a radio show called "In 2 Trance" by Koen van Tijn and his weekly two hour radio show was always playing quality trance, so that`s how it all started!

As a very recognizable producer, tell us, which changes on music scene You had noticed since the time You were starting?

There is a constant change in sound, which keeps everything more interesting in my opinion! Every year brings new names and styles. I notice on myself that my own taste shifts as well, but my main interest will always be with trance music.

Where do you get inspiration from when producing music?

I get inspiration from everything around me. From personal situations, happy moments and reactions on fans. Sometimes you come up with a random melody, sometimes things just happen in the studio. If I have to bring up one thing as inspiration, I have to say the audiences I have the pleasure to play for!

Tell us a little bit about your debut album, My Story. How did it come together and how long did it take to complete?

From start-to-finish, I’d say it took about three years to complete. In the meanwhile, I also had a computer crash so I lost a lot of files in the process. I have to re-create certain tunes, re-record tons of vocals, but I’m really happy about how the end result turned out. Now there’s a new album coming out together with David Gravell, Together, which is 16 brand new tracks. The first singles came out already, but it sees its official release in June.

How importaint for a DJ is making music and vice versa – Djing for music producer?

Producing a tune yourself (which seems to be something special nowadays), playing that out on a dancefloor and see a crowd go nuts is the best feeling a musician can have. So both!

You've definitely have had a busy year, any highlights of 2017?

When I look back at the year, it's been fantastic. I played 5 or 6 Dreamstate shows this year, and I didn't really expect that. Most of the music at these shows are uplifting, and my sound is more progressive. I want to send a big thank you and shout out to Jeff and Chris from Dreamstate for believing in my sound. I hope that every year from now on can be like this year.

How was your ASOT Miami debut?

Well, I mean I wish I could say it was booming the whole time, but I opened the Megastructure (laughs)—and by the time people started making their way over my set had already begun. But I will tell you, the energy was still great. And I also have to say, once I came back to the trailer—even at the beginning of my set when while the crowd was making their way inside Bayfront Park—there were so many people tuning in from across the world. We were trending worldwide on Twitter; it’s like two different worlds.

What was the best and the worst gig you ever played and what was the funniest thing ever occurred during any of your performances?

I have played gigs in places I never would imagine playing, like in the heart of Siberia and remote places in Asia. The biggest one so far was a back 2 back set with Joven of Tenishia during last years New Years Eve. The promoter told it was going to be big, with a crowd of around 30.000 people. In the end there were WAY more, about 400.000!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t know. I hope I’m still going to be alive. The world is still going to be there because I was thinking on the 21st the world will come to an end but that didn’t happened. I don’t know yet. I just want to keep on doing what I’m doing. Having a bigger role in A State of Trance, things with Armin right now. It’s going to be great.

You’ve sort of become an A State of Trance staple yourself now. What can you tell us about your ASOT Miami experiences over the years? How has the annual return of ASOT MIA evolved?

I think the very first time we were here, I didn’t really have as big of a role in A State of Trance as I do now. Over the last few years I’ve taken on a bigger role. As of a few months ago, I’ve even become the co-host of ASOT now every week. It keeps getting bigger and bigger! This is actually the first time that I’ve played at the ASOT Miami event at Ultra, which is another big step for me and I can cross off my bucket list.

UK, Egypt, Poland, Ibiza, USA and many more... You travel and play all over the world. Your name is recognizable almost everywhere. Did You ever imagine to achieve so great success?

Absolutely not! I see everything that happens as a bonus and reward to hard working. I hope the future will bring much more amazing trips, so I can keep sharing my love for music with crowds everywhere.


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