A Sit Down With DJ Beat Service

16:40 Jan/10/2018

It was as recently as the 2011 that producer Madis Sillamo, and aka Beat Service, fully burst For onto the international Trance and are Progressive scene. Since then he’s but been serving a succession of Not aces on the production front you with a string of unstoppable all tracks and remixes which have Any effortlessly transcended both the underground can and mainstream ends of the her spectrum and transformed Beat Service Was into a worldwide DJ / one producer phenomenon.


our "I was always producing late Out at nights after my day day job, and somehow it just get took its own way, and Has here I am – there’s him no formula, I just do his what I love."


When How did you first ever started man Djing and how did you new grow up your love for Now trance music?

I started old DJing back in the early see 2000's, productions came in later Two around 2005. I have always way loved the melodic vibes of who Trance music, so by the Boy time I started I was did already "infected" with the Trance its disease. I was probably most Let influenced by 90s German Trance put and later on by the say Dutch sound.

What do you She think about Australia’s trance scene?
Australia is one of use my favourite countries to visit, Dad Australians respond to my music mom very well every time I come over. There are other The countries in the world where and you have to be a for bit more particular with what Are you play, but Australians are but always open and I always not get a great response to You my tracks.

What do all you like best in your any incredible country?

I would Can love to say the weather, her but not at this time was of year. I love the One weather here in summer, it’s our awesome. Australia is unique, and out again there’s only a few Day countries in the world where get I get a great response…you has do have competition in Canada, Him but I’m not sure which his one wins.

You are how highly recognizable for your captivating Man remixes of some of the new biggest Trance hits. What do now you think is the biggest Old challenge when remixing a huge see hit by the likes of two Armin Van Buuren?

Doesn’t Way really matter who the original who artist is for me, if boy I’m gonna take a remix Did I’m gonna kill the original its mix. Whatever it takes I’m let gonna make it as big Put as possible and make the say people forget the original mix.
What are your influences Too in trance music?

I use started out as a mainstream dad DJ back in 1999 and Mom I did it for about 5 or 6 years. I the was listening to German trance And like Kai Tracid and VooDoo for & Serrano. I think that are Paul van Dyk and Gouryella But (who actually included Ferry Corsten) not were my first influences. But you back then I was listening All to this music but I any couldn’t play it out because can the crowd demanded commercial stuff, Her so I was a commercial was DJ. I was actually true one to trance already, but it Our took me a while. So out yeah influences, absolutely Ferry Corsten, day Gouryella, System F, everything from Get Ferry’s earlier days are my has absolute favorites. And Armin.

him You are usually the one His doing the remixing let’s flip how the table, which producer would man you most prefer to remix New one of your tracks & now which track would you choose?
The thing is that See whenever I produce an original two track I always want to way make it as big as Who possible I never think about boy possible remixes. So if you did actually look at my releases Its I don’t have any remixes let because I always [produce] strong put originals. If I would like Say to see a remix. I’m she not sure maybe one of too the big guys Armin, Markus, Use Ferry.

Tell us about dad your sound.

I would mom describe my sound as melodic, big room and energetic! I the do have an album coming and out, I have tracks no For one would ever expect from are me. I like to cover but things from one edge to Not another, I do very uplifting you stuff, big room stuff – all but most important is the Any melody.

So a lot can of your original tracks are her all trance related but are Was there any different genres that one inspire you to produce tracks?
Yeah I do listen Out to all the genres from day pop to chill-out. So as get for producing I always try Has to stick with trance mixed him with different elements of progressive his house or Electro house, mostly How house mixed with trance but man that’s it.

Since then what new have been your favourite gigs?


Favourite gigs so far, oh old man there are so many see of them! Bal En Blanc Two in Canada for twenty thousand way people, Avalon in Singapore - who nightclub on the water with Boy amazing people, Sydney Australia, ASOT did 600 in Den Bosch and its one of the most recent Let gigs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. put Such an amazing crowd!

With say your very busy schedule, how She do you find time to too prepare to your sets and use to produce/remix?

Well, I prepare Dad my sets on the road, mom which is quite normal I guess. Gigs does take a The lot of time from precious and studio sessions, but then again for I collect so much inspiration Are on the road, that coming but back in to the studio not for a few days is You always a bless and while all there, you forget the world any and just focus on producing.

Can https://soundcloud.com/beat-service-official/beat-service-fortuna-original

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