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A Sit Down With DJ Serge Devant

15:43 Jan/22/2018

New York resident Serge Devant is turning heads. Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Damian Lazarus and Hot Since 82 have already acknowledged that there’s a new and extremely impressive producer on the scene, and with releases on their labels it’s easy to see why. Serge is a producer rapidly making a mark.

This guy is tearing up the electronic dance scene right now. He is getting a ton of success right now from his latest single 3AM Eternal and is also still relishing in on some success of On Your Own featuring Coyle Girelli. This guy also looks like a model, so seeing him spin is not only a blessing for your ears, but provides some eye candy for the ladies in the audience.

Serge was exposed to electronic music at an early age, influenced by the seminal sounds of Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, and many others. Equipped with a classical music education, the teenage Devant moved to New York City in the 90s with his family, and instantly fell in love with his new home.


"Sometimes you have to step away from the record so you can get a fresh perspective again."


Tell me how the idea came to become a DJ?

Arriving in New York, I fell just at the peak of the heyday of club culture. There, in New York, there were then the coolest clubs, where every weekend there were famous DJs, world stars.

Who has been inspiring you in terms of production recently?

Maya Jane Coles, Matthew Dekay, Shonky and Solomun to name a few.

What is purely "Russian" in you, and what is "American"?

From Russian - thinking, cunning, quirky mind. The Russians, basically, are all like that. That's all that is invented in America "bypass", all the most ingenious fraud - it's all invented by us, the Russians. Our logic is "twisting", the American one is "straight". Their system always works well, until Russians come. I think that these features helped me to achieve all that I have, they helped me to bypass the barriers and get acquainted with many promoters.

Who are you listening to these days? What’s on your iPod?

AZARI & III and some new Vision Quest stuff… Empire of the Sun and my new album.

Can you mention a few of your favorite destinations to play at; and why?

Definitely Ibiza is my favorite destination. Best parties and you see all your friends from all over the world! Nothing beats that.

What does the music producer Serge Devant do in their free time? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to outside the studio?

I lead a very active lifestyle, work, swim, play sports, like to hang out with friends or go to the beach when it's hot, and sometimes I just eat and sleep. Believe it or not, these are really the most memorable moments of my free time. I like to listen to classics and rock, and their combination is very interesting for me.

What is the difference between Russia and America? What was your life here, and what was it like there?

My life in Russia is a period until 1992. It was a rather difficult time for me and for the country as a whole. There is nothing and nothing can be done. And everything is closed. And in America there are a lot of opportunities and nobody restricts you in anything.

Do you act as a DJ in the US or abroad?

Of course, otherwise why then write music? It's like baking a pie and giving it to strangers every time, without trying it.

You have done residencies over the years. Do you prefer a residency or would you rather play a new city every night? What advantages does a residency offer a DJ?

That’s a tough question. Residencies are fun because you really get to build and establish your crowd; you get familiar with the room and the people and with every gig it feels more and more like home. You see the same faces and so on… but playing new cites is very exciting as well. Everything is new and new faces at a new club… a new experience. It’s hard to pick one; I love both.

What has been the most exciting new technological development for production since you have been away?

I don’t know if there was anything huge, but since I moved over to Ableton it has been such pleasure to work with. It’s so easy to get something going quick. I started using Steve Duda’s plug-in Nerve which has been amazing to sequence percussion and create grooves instantly. It’s a very user-friendly plug in and it saved me a lot of time.

How do you usually go about beginning a track?

I just throw some grooves together over a kick and hopefully I hear a bassline once I have some percussion going. Then just see where it goes from there. I let one element inspire me to find the next.


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