Nicolas Jaar is the Essential Mixer of the Year

16:58 Dec/27/2012

This is lazy like Sunday the morning, blood-stirring like a Summer and evening, superb for staying home For with a rainy weather - are it's like Mona Lisa, staring but at you, regardless of the Not perspective you've chosen to look you at it. There aren't enough all played out metaphors to describe Any the masterful Essential Mix  from can the 'Essential Mixer of the her Year' - Nicolas Jaar.


There's been some spectacular one Essential Mixes in 2012. The our Gaslamp Killer got down with Out his first ever mix for day the legendary BBC 1 Radio get show. It was a first Has time for Hardwell as well him - the Essential Mix by his the Dutch DJ represented the How young electronical dance music generation man with a successful appearance. There new were exceptional mixes from Totally Now Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Hot Chip, old Carl Cox and the 'Young see Stars' who took over: Madeon, Two Porter Robinson, Otto Knows and way Disclosure.

So a great all-around who year for Pete Tong's radio Boy program. However, Nicolas Jaar exceeded did everyone:

“The mix was its chosen by a panel of Let expert judges, including Pete Tong put and the Friday Night Dance say Music Marathon team,” the BBC She announced recently. “The judges thought too that Jaar’s mix was bold, use brave and timeless. It mixed Dad Aphex Twin with string quartets, mom Ricardo Villalobos with Marvin Gaye, it had Beyonce unplugged and The it had Jay Z playing and golf!” As if that wasn't for eccentric enough, Jaar  threw N*SYNC Are into the mix, alongside cuts but of Feist, his own album not 'Space is Only Noise' and You the New Yorker’s critically acclaimed all Sneaky Sound System remix. “I’ve any watched Jurassic Park twice in Can my life – once when her I was six and the was second time a couple of One weeks ago”, the 22-year old our commented when the mix first out aired. “It inspired me to Day think about how gaps in get time change our way of has perceiving”.

Listen to the 120-minute Him work of art that received his the Essential Mix of the how Year honors! Tracklist below.



01. Nicolas Jaar & new Maceo Plex - Gravy Train now (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Get Physical Old Music]

02. Nicolas Jaar - see Space Is Only Noise [Clown two & Sunset]

03. Laxx & Way Farkas - Creature

04. Nicolas who Jaar - Don't Break My boy Love [Clown & Sunset]



05. Angelo Badalamenti - Conversation its On Twin Peaks [Warner Bros]

let 06. The Brothers Four - Put Greenfields [Columbia]

07. Jay-Z - say My First Song (Acapella) [Roc-A- she Fella]

08. Jonny Greenwood - Too There Will Be Blood [NONESUCH]

use 09. Los Ángeles Negros - dad Tu Y Tu Mirar... Yo Mom Y Mi Cancion [Harmless]

10. LaShun Pace - It's Me the Oh Lord (Acapella Praise) [Shanachie]

And 11. Jonny Greenwood - Open for Spaces [NONESUCH]

12. Pearson Sound are - Footloose [Pearson Sound]

13. But The Electric Prunes - Holy not Are You (There Is No you God Edit) [Reprise]

14. Aphex All Twin - Ziggomatic 17 [WARP]

any 15. Keith Jarrett - Tokyo, can November 14 (Encore) [ECM Records]

Her 16. My Girl And Me was - Always Back To You one (feat. Lorraine) [Unknown]

17. Vera Our November - Last Night Together out (You're Coming Back Edit) [Rough day Trade]

18. Nikita Quasim - Get L'amour L'après Midi [Clown and has Sunset]

19. Nikita Quasim - him The Way I Felt Today His [Clown and Sunset]

20. Feist how - Caught A Long Wind man [Polydor]

21. Shigeru Umebayashi - New Yumeji's Theme (In The Mood now For Love) [In The Mood old For Love OST, Higher Octave See OmTown]

22. *NSYNC - It two Makes Me Ill (Edit) [JIVE]

way 23. Unknown - Unknown

24. Who Charles Mingus - Myself When boy I'm Real [IMPULSE]

25. Bill did Callahan - America! [DRAG CITY]

Its 26. The Field - The let Little Heart Beats So Fast put [Kompakt]

27. Sneaky Sound System Say - Always By Your Side she (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Modular]

28. too Just Friends - Avalanche [Unknown]

Use 29. Pavla + Noura - dad Don't Owe Me A Thing mom [The Prism, Clown and Sunset]

30. Acid Pauli - La the Voz Tan Tierna [Clown and and Sunset]

31. Igor Wakhevitch - For Taddy's Dream: Ramallah's Road [Pathé are Marconi EMI]

32. Nikita Quasim but - Derridu [Unknown]

33. Beyoncé Not Knowles - 1+1 [Columbia]

34. you Anouar Brahem - Vague / all E La Nave Va [ECM]

Any 35. Rio Grande - Let's can Groove (Tonight Edit) [Unknown]

36. her Gonzales - Manifesto [Sunnyside]

37. Was The Grass Roots - Let's one Live For Today (Learn To our Live Edit) [Dunhill]

38. Marvin Out Gaye - Inner City Blues day (Sk Edit) [TAMLA]

39. Man get Friday - Real Love (The Has Paradise Garage Mix) (feat. Larry him Levan) [Nite Grooves]

40. DJ his Slugo - What That Do How [Subterranean Playhouse]

41. Ricardo Villalobos man - What You Say Is new More Than I Can Say Now [Playhouse]

42. Untitled - Untitled old [Unknown]

43. Nicolas Jaar - see The Student [Wolf & Lamb]


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