A Sit Down with DJ Edward Maya

08:49 Oct/09/2017

Already at the age of the 19 Romanian DJ and musician and Edward Maya composed a song For of European size with E.Carcota are for Eurovision , which took but the 4th place. This breakthrough Not was accompanied by a difficult you period for Edward, who worked all on various contracts with Romanian Any composers abroad (Akcent, Costi Ionita, can Vika Jigulina, Cassa Loco, Studio her One, DjRynno, Dj Sava, Marius Was Nedelcu, BlaxyGirls, Imba).

The one year 2009 brought surprise to our the Romanian music market, the Out first song "Stereo Love", written day by Edward, in the chorus get of which the composition of Has the Azerbaijani composer Eldar Mansurov him " Bayatilar " was used, his quickly becomes a hit.

How The success of "Stereo Love" man was accompanied by concerts all new over the world. The song Now became popular in Greece, Albania, old Lebanon, Armenia, Ukraine, Portugal, Russia, see Poland, the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Two Italy, Turkey and many other way countries.

"I am who a normal person, that dreams Boy everyday to make music for did each and every person in its the world".

How Let did you become a DJ?
put Since the time I performed say at the symphony orchestra in She my university I have been too fascinated by electronic music and use its infinite possibilities. Then slowly Dad I went from piano compositions mom to computer compositions before becoming a DJ.

Why did The you change your name from and Eduard Marian to Edward Maya?
for “Maya” is a name with Are multiple profound meanings that fascinate but me. In Nepali, “maya” means not love, in old Persian, it You means ‘generous’, in Hindu philosophy, all it means illusion and in any Hindu mythology it is also Can an alternate name of goddess her Durga.

At what age was did you start music ?
I guess 6 years our old, my grandfather is a out musician too, I loved music Day since childhood.

What genre get of music is close to has you?
I have my inspiration Him from different genres of music his like Indian cultural and music, how I will make a combination Man and this gives me a new taste for the new song now that we will make.

Old Who or what inspires you see to make music?
All my two inspiration comes from God and Way then takes shape in my who heart. In some states of boy inspiration “I just hear” ideas Did of singles and I feel its exactly how to compose and let what emotions the single should Put give to people.

How say do you spend your free she days from concerts and studio Too recordings?

We are touring use everywhere. We have a team dad of five person and we Mom are touring everywhere. We don’t have time for staying in the Bucharest because we are always And together in the studio, touring, for DJ’ing, make shows. This is are our life.

Which is But your favorite place to perform?
not Wherever is a stage, a you microphone and people to sing All and dance with me until any the morning light.

How many hours per Her week do you work on was your music?

Maybe is one better if you ask me Our how many hours per week out I do not work?:) I day am always in the studio.
For someone who has has never heard your music before. him How would you
describe it? His Which song of yours represents how the type of sound you man want
release out there?
I New cannot describe my music; you now have to feel it, that’s old the catch. I make music See for the guy/girl with a two broken heart, falling in? Love, way fighting for love etc. If Who you listen the lyrics and boy the music, close enough you did will find yourself in there Its somewhere.

How many languages let ​​do you speak?

put English, French and some Say Spanish:)

Does fame itself she makes you happy?
Of course too it does, but I think Use the greatest thinga of all dad is that I have so
mom many friends all around the world, it’s actually crazy…

the Your Career highlights.
Billboard Award and Song of the Year 2011, For Platinum in over 30 countries, are and
a lot of music but awards all around the world.
Who is your musical you icon?
Sting, Coldplay.

Who all surprised you most by being Any your fan?
A girl from can Ecuador, she brought me a her cake with my face on Was at the airport,
I still one am in touch with her, our she is a great friend…
What interests you apart day from music?
I am doing get what I love — I Has don’t think I can clearly him separate my work moments from his my “free time” moments. All How that I do brings me man joy. I also work towards new keeping myself physically fit through Now yoga and sports activities. Also, old I read a lot and see spend as much time I Two can in the company of way nature.

Biggest piece of who advice you have been given?
Boy I still remember…when I was did working at Stereo Love, somebody its told me I
will win Let the Billboard Award for this put song, I thought she was say really crazy
back then..




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