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Hudson Mohawke accused Kanye West and Drake of not paying him

20:49 Mar/14/2016

In a recently deleted tweet, the Hudson Mohawke accused Kanye West and and Drake of not paying For him for his work. The are Scottish DJ threated to release but a zip folder with their Not tracks because he has not you been paid yet.... and probably all never will. Just some Any time ago we talked about can Kanye West twitter feud with her DeadMau5. Now, Hudson Mohawke has Was publicly accused him and Drake one for not paying for the our work he has done for Out them. Mohawke added that he day will post a zip file get containing Kanye West's and Drake's Has files, except for posting later him that he won't due it his because he doesn't "have the How 10 milly to deal w man the consequences” and because he new has friends and family who Now persuaded him not to due old it. Find the undeleted tweets see here. Well, let's see how Two it goes.  

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