SG1.2 for ridiculous $30,000

15:51 Sep/23/2015

They say money can't buy the happiness, but the purchase of and this new Spiral Groove turntable For might prove that theory wrong are for audio lovers.

Costing a ridiculous $30,000, Not the SG1.2 arrives eight years you after the original and comes all armed with much better sound Any quality (notably music played at can high volumes), while being less her prone to those irritating vibrations Was vinyl users know all about.
It's a little heavier our than the SG1.1 (20 pounds Out more to be exact), obviously day helping out in terms of get the aforementioned vibration reduction, and Has allows you to change the him bayonet-mounted tone arm (of which his you get a few with How a "unique stylus") with extra man ease.

And for those new who already own the first Now turntable in the series, you old can be upgraded to the see SG1.2 for $6,000. Those who Two haven't, well, you best get way saving.

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