Skrillex and Boys Noize going ahead with project 'Dog Blood'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

What happens when dubstep and electro house galaxies collide? A massive explosion called Dog Blood, that’s what! In August, 2012 Skrillex and Boys Noize announced their first release together as Dog Blood. The side project has been described as ’middle finger acid terror’ and based on their first two tracks – that isn’t that far off the mark!

Right now, we have ’Middle Finger’ and ’Next Order’ for a sneak preview of what’s to come. Listeners can recognize the vocoder styled vocals and fast hi-hats of Boys Noize and the screatching samples of Skrillex in the tracks. Boys Noize has always favored raw buzzsaw electro madness and Skrillex at the other end of the extreme with his dubstep bangers. Together they really blend into 'acid terror'. It seems that nothing shy of excellent can come out of a duo of worlds premier music producers. Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha discussed what spawned the side-project in this interview.

After the first two releases from both the artists’ labels there hasn’t been much news from the Dog Blood collaboration.. until now! A little over a week ago, Dog Blood announced in Twitter:"Working on new sh*t!" So there's probably a new release taking its shape before 2013. We certainly hope to get a Christmas treat from one of the most exciting collaborations in electronic music this year. Another great news comes in form of a video. A few days ago, OWSLA label’s Official Youtube channel published an official video for the first Dog Blood track called ’Next Order’.

Listen to the second EP 'Middle Finger' from Dog Blood!



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