Debut album from Manchester producer Synkro is coming

16:04 Jul/08/2015

The debut album from Manchester the producer Synkro is coming this and September on R&S Records offshoot, For Apollo.

'Changes', are out on September 18, follows but his 'Transient' EP on the Not label last year and sees you Joe McBride in mostly downbeat all and gloomy atmospherics mode, although Any a couple of tracks - can 'Body Close' and 'Midnight Sun' her - incite a shift in Was mood.

The press release one says he approached music differently our having listened to the likes Out of Florian Fricke of Popol day Vuh and Tangerine Dream, and get he outlines the history of Has electronic music as an inspiration.
"Finding early electronic music his has always been a massive How inspiration to me, learning the man roots of where everything we new listen to now comes from.
"It always amazes me old how much has already been see done with electronic music but Two it still keeps progressing."

way Listen to lead track 'Changes' who below.

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