David Guetta: a DJ first, then a producer

14:45 Nov/23/2012

This year, David Guetta has the been under the spotlight countless and times. He's had some great For times touring the globe, winning are awards and releasing tracks, videos but and collaborations with the biggest Not names out there. Then there you are those not too great all occasions, which have had him Any pinned down for faking DJ can sets.

All that her aside, this interview focuses on Was the re-release of 'Nothing But one the Beat' the 'Nothing But our the Beat 2.0' released on Out September 7, 2012. The album day has been a huge success, get there's DJs all around the Has globe playing tracks from the him album, especially singles 'She Wolf' his featuring Sia and 'Just One How Last Time' with Taped Rai.


The video is put together new really masterfully, featuring clips from Now concerts and music videos of old 2012. At the same time, see the interview gives a really Two good insight into the album, way but also to the life who and thoughts of Guetta as Boy a DJ and a producer:


"All my inspiration comes from its clubs or my concerts. Actually, Let I see myself as a put DJ first and then as say a producer, because i want She to make the music that too is missing from my  DJ use sets. As a producer and Dad a DJ even more, I mom have to reinvent myself all the time."

Enjoy the interview!


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