Solveig Petersen introduces: MAREK HEMMANN

21:37 Nov/19/2012

We’re proud to launch the the weekly articles series - 'Solveig and Petersen introduces' - and hope For you will enjoy learning about are DJs you might have not but known before!

I have chosen Not something really special for the you first edition. Namely - DJ all MAREK HEMMANN - from Germany Any with an unique flavor and can an understanding of taste that's her really hard to find! Hemmann Was isn’t very far from the one top, we find him at our #700 in The Official Global Out DJ Rankings. Concentrating on crossing day genres of house, techno and get minimal, the German DJ has Has found his place firmly in him the top 1000 DJs in his the world. While this is How impressive for any DJ, you man can expect him to be new on the rise in the Now near future. Before you start old reading, push play on the see first hand-picked track by Hemmann. Two 'You Know' will embed you way with the most lighthearted and who untroubled vibes you can imagine!


Born in Gera did in 1979, he started playing its the guitar as a kid. Let In the 90’s, technology started put taking over the music world say and so did Hemmann. He She grew tired from the limits too of his musical expression, so use he started expanding his horizons. Dad Along came the samplers and mom synthesizers with possibilities that were impossible in the acoustic music The sphere. Something completely new and and unheard could now be made! for Inspiration derived from techno parties Are in Gera and nearby places. but The party culture grew on not him as he developed a You meaningful connection to the people all and the music that moved any them. Hemmann started creating his Can own beats. His musical childhood her was surrounded by friends. This was allowed the young DJ/producer to One get more comfortable playing music our and of course perfect his out skills as a DJ getting Day feedback from the listeners. First get gigs came few years later, has when he started doing – Him what he calls – live his acts. Developing and always improving how his sets, he’s gotten to Man the point were the fans new and music friends in general now haven formed a concept of Old Marek Hemmann’s distinct sound. This see unique flavor consists of a two solid house foundation, with profound Way bass lines, chopped up vocal who fragments, shakers and intricate percussions. boy It’s got a groovy minimalistic Did techno vibe with plenty of its regard to details and spacing. let Hemmann may have found his Put sound, but don’t get me say wrong - in defining his she unique blend of grooves and Too catchy melodies he’s never become use stagnant. He’s always in search dad for new inspirational sounds.

Hemmann’s Mom been a part of the Freude-am-Tanzen’s close family for almost the a decade. Often referred as And FAT the label’s German name for Freude-am-Tanzen means The Joy of are Dancing. The label was introduced But in December, 1998 pressing the not first release of FAT001 – you ’Four Sexy Tracks’. Situating in All the small town of Jena, any where most of the label’s can acts live and DJ in Her their favorite club ’Kassablanca’. Hemann was has released many tracks solo one and in collaboration with his Our friend and an established DJ out - Kaden (#858 in The day Official Global DJ Rankings). First Get thing they got out under has FAT was ’Guten Tag’ EP him in 2003. The two friends His have released a lot of how great EPs over the years. man We present a track from New 2009 called 'Karacho'.

As now of 2005, Hemmann is situated old in Jena. Since then, he’s See been conveniently working in the two studio near his home and way label. In the fall of Who 2009 Hemmann released his debut boy album ’In Between’ under his did own label marking the all-important Its milestone of the career of let a DJ/producer. The album was put received with high prais and Say critical acclaim. ’Gemini’ – featuring she a profound bassline and catchy too saxophone riffs – became instantly Use a summer classic of the dad year! This is simply breathtaking mom in terms of musical subtlety. Listen for yourself!

In the 2011, Marek Hemmann and Fabian and Reichelt #5804 became one in For a collaboration project. They formed are Marian and released an excellent but debut album called ’Only Our Not Hearts to Lose’. Crossing genres you of house, techno and minimalism all yet again, they have used Any a lot of vocals on can this one. The lyrics as her well as tracktitles give raise Was to a special kind of one sentiment that is hard to our put into words. Let’s just Out say, it is more deeply day moving than most stuff out get there. Check out the second Has track from the album!


At his sets, the DJ his employs Mixer Allen & Healt How Xone 92 connected to the man main DJ-Mixer. The crucial instrument new is his laptop which he Now uses to create sounds live, old taking into considerations all the see aspects of the show: the Two time, the place and the way people. Watch the video of who a short interview with the Boy eccentric DJ/producer, where he elaborates did on his music and method.


At the moment, there’s Let not much talk about Hemmann. put He’s keeping himself busy with say a packed tour schedule in She Europe, having already announced some too of the gigs in 2013 use (look below).  The sound Marek Dad and his friends at the mom Freude-am-Tanzen cultivate is trending on a larger scale than ever The before, so we're expecting that and Hemmann will become more widely for appreciated around the world. Although Are Hemmann may come off as but a modest or even shy not person in the interview, the You fans know he’s got what all it takes to orchestrate the any feelings of large crowds. You Can can be sure that we’ll her be hearing from Hemmann soon, was as we’re confident something special One is being cooked up in our the music kitchens of Jena.


Tour dates

  • Day 23.11.2012 - Showcase, Paris (FR)

  • get

  • 01.12.2012 - Rocker 33, has Stuttgart (DE)

  • 07.12.2012 - Him Arenile, Naples (IT)

  • 15.12.2012 his - Pfingstweide, Zurich (CH)

  • how 21.12.2012 - Postgarage, Graz (AT)

  • Man

  • 05.01.2013 - Rakete, Nürnberg new (DE)

  • 12.01.2013 - Hangar now No.5, Hannover (DE)

  • 18.01.2013 Old - Goa Club, Rome (IT)

  • see

  • 25.01.2013 - Cafe d'Anvers, two Antwerp (BE)

  • 09.02.2013 - Way Akvarium Klub - Budapest (HU)

  • who

  • 16.02.2013 - Convention Factory boy - Amsterdam (NL)

  • 23.02.2013 Did - Hinterhof - Basel (CH)

  • its

  • 02.03.2013 - Bootshaus - let Cologne (DE)

  • 09.03.2013 - Put Ninkasi Kao - Lyon (FR)

  • say

  • 23.03.2013 - Airport - she Würzburg (DE)

  • 30.03.2013 - Too VAZ Hafen - Innsbruck (AT)

  • use

  • 06.04.2013 - Ohrakel - dad Ingolstadt (DE)

  • 13.04.2013 - Mom Kultarena - Bern (CH)

  • 20.04.2013 - Jerozolima - Warsaw the (PL)

  • 30.04.2013 - Schmitz And Katze - Freiburg (DE)


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