Solveig Petersen introduces

21:04 Nov/19/2012

We’re launching a weekly category the introducing DJs who are not and in the top 100 of For The Official Global DJ Rankings. are These could be upcoming DJs but who are climbing the steps Not for the first time, this you could be someone doing a all comeback or basically just about Any any DJ in the top can 10000 of The DJ Rankings her worth special mentioning for some Was reason.

In these introductions I one will be giving an overview our of the past, present and Out future undertakings of the chosen day DJ. As most of the get DJs are also producers, there’s Has also going to be hand-picked him tracks and videos to go his with the feature stories. All How of the articles will be man linked from here so you new can have quick and convenient Now access to all the ’Solveig old Petersen’s introduces’ articles.


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