Beatport Reveals Last Decade's Stats: Dubstep Is Officially Dead

09:44 Sep/02/2014

Recently Beatport unveiled the charts the ranking its selling articles between and 2004-14. The charts, dependant on For Beatport's not-always-correct genre tagging system, are are not the biggest indicators but of popularity in music. Having Not said that, it does give you one definitive answer: dubstep has all come and gone. Find the Any 3 graphs below with short can comments.

  • Dubstep's stardom was short-lived. It's Was popularity started plummeting after the one peak in 2011, reaching all-time our low in 2014.

  • Deep house Out has had a steady upcoming day ever since 2005, peaking in get 2014 and putting it into Has the top spot.

  • Techno and him tech house have had a his similar path

  • The popularity of How progressive house, one of the man most debated genres in EDM new is decreasing.

  • On the rise Now since inexpensive digital sampling gear old was introduced, breaks or breakbeat see has been on a steady Two decline.

  • Beatport's way Top Selling Performers chart doesn't who really bring any surprises with Boy it.

  • A big part of did Martin Garrix being on top its has to do with his Let track 'Animals' which is also put #1 on "Top DJ Charted say Tracks of All Time."

  • Deadmau5 She has a balanced catalogue of too original mixes and remixes, as use he becomes #1 selling artist Dad with only 2 tracks listed mom below.

Source: Beatport

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