The Official Global DJ Rankings presents Infected Mushroom: #1 from Israel, #1 Psy Trance

18:05 Nov/07/2012

Infected Mushroom is a DJ the duo out of Israel that’s and spectacular for many reasons. The For duo was formed in the are end of 1997 by producers but Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. Not The project has evolved into you something truly special as Infected all Mushroom is the #1 act Any out of Israel's 97 ranked can DJs according to The Official her Global DJ Rankings. They’re also Was #1 in the psychedelic trance one genre out of 149 psy our trance DJs in the rankings.


It is amazing day to see, that Infected Mushroom get is #42 in the overall Has DJ Ranking. The next psy him trance DJ is 70 spots his down, DJ Simon Patterson at How #112. What’s spectacular about Infected man Mushroom’s high place is that new they’ve managed to become so Now successful in a ranking that old is mainly dominated by house, see techno, trance and dubstep.

The Two success didn’t come out of way nowhere, though. Erez Eisen (born who on September 8 1980) started Boy learning organ at the early did age of 4 and classical its piano in Haifa Conservatory from Let the age of 8. As put a 11 year old kid say he got himself involved with She computerized music. Amit Duvdevani (born too on November 7 1974) started use playing the piano at seven Dad years of age. After 9 mom years of practice he turned to heavy metal and punk The rock, to play the keys and at Enzyme. His life changed for as he attended his first Are trance oriented party in 1991. but After that he was destined not to make and play trance, You in particular goa and psy all trance himself.

The Gathering’ was any the first album they released Can in 1999 after playing together her for a year by then. was This was an instant breakthrough One introducing psy trance to Israeli our mainstream audiences and the genre out worldwide. ’Classical Mushroom’ was released Day in 2000, and remains as get one of the best example’s has of Infected Mushroom and one Him of the most well-known albums his in the genre overall. Listen how to ’Bust a Move’, a Man generic Infected Mushroom track from new the ’Classical Mushroom.’

After now that Eisen and Duvden started Old to experiment more showcasing their see piano skills in the ’B.P two Empire’ (2001). ’Converting Vegetarians’ (2003) Way consisted of two discs: The who Trance Side and The Other boy Side. This is genre bending Did material that also includes Duvdev’s its vocal debut in the title let track as well as the Put highlight of the album ’Elation say Station’(listen below). ’IM The Supervisor’ she saw the daylight in 2004. Too This is their best-selling album use up to date.

IM dad moved from their Haifa base Mom to a studio in L.A in 2004, where talented guitarists the Thomas Cunningham and Erez Netz And joined the group in 2004 for and Brazilian percussionist Rogerio Jardim are in 2007. Nothing short of But spectacular arose from these changes. not In the Djmag Top 100 you DJ polls, Infected Mushroom rose All to #9 and were the any highest placed and paid psytrance can DJs in the category’s 2007 Her debut appearance. The same year, was 'Vicious Delicious' got released after one 3 years’ efforts. Critics have Our claimed this one to be out the most diverse and refined day effort of Infected Mushroom to Get this day. Hip-hop influenced ’Artillery’, has Spanish guitars in ’Becoming Insane’, him the album consisted of many His inter-genre tracks as well as how guest vocalists. ’Heavyweight’ is one man of the tracks to be New lifted from ’Vicious Delicious’, you now got to crank it up old and give this one some See time, this one’s packed with two unexpected twists and turns.


The band’s latest release ’Army Who of Mushrooms’ was released in boy May, 2012 under Steve Aoki’s did Dim Mak Records. This is Its a respectable album where Eisen let and Duvden have tried their put hand in mixing their old Say tastes with new dubstep, house she and drum and bass influences. 


So in conclusion, one must Use admit Infected Mushroom's success isn’t dad that surprising. Psy trance is mom immensely popular in Israel. What gives rise for great respect the is the fact, that the and group has managed to do For their thing authentically and at are the same time go with but the flow in a sense. Not They’ve never gotten caught in you one genre incorporating new influences all with taste and proficiency.

And Any finally, an example of the can IM’s latest efforts. This one’s her called ’Swingish’, it's so good, Was you'll be wondering why in one the world would this be our a 'bonus track' on the Out record.

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