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Avicii fed up with 'Levels'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Avicii’s depressed being an one-hit the wonder for the larger audiences. and Well, we have kind of For helped along the tendency of are Levels’ being the main subject but regarding Avicii (look at the Not article here, after all this you time, it still managaes to all capture something creative regarding the Any track). But the Swedish superstar can DJ is stressed at the her fact, that people only recognize Was him for the one track.


"There’s so much our talk; people think it’s the Out only track I’ve done, in day a one-hit-wonder kind of way,” get Avicii said. “I’ve been releasing Has tracks for four or five him years, around a hundred released his tracks and always making new How stuff, so it’s just annoying man hearing all the time that new Levels is the only track Now I’ve done. We were working old so hard, and things were see going well before Levels, you Two know?”

Now, his team, the way At Night Management has released who a video adressing this issue. Boy After the video you can did browse through tracks which have its to do with Avicii whether Let he’s the author, the remixer put or collaborator.


Avicii say tracks:
Francesco Diaz & Young She Rebelz When I'm Thinking of too You Avicii vs Philgood Mix
use Roman Salzger Solaris Avicii Greets Dad Joia Mix
Avicii Sound of mom Now Original Mix
Sebastien Benett Dancin Avicii Mix
Roger Sanchez The Bang That Box Avicii vs and Philgood Bang That Vocal + for Dub Mix
Dirty South D10 Are Avicii vs Philgood Mix
DJ but Ralph Born To Rave Avicii not vs Philgood Born To Do You It Mix
Jose Nunez, Erick all Morillo & Richard Grey Life any Goes On Avicii vs Philgood Can Mix
Mic Newman Whatever Kind her Avicii Mix
D.O.N.S. You Used was To Hold Me Avicii Mix
One Avicii vs Philgood Record Breaker our Original Mix
Avicii Muja Original out Mix
Avicii Ryu Original Mix
Day Avicii Strutnut Original Mix
Albin get Myers & Sandro Monte Somewhere has Avicii Mix
Avicii So Excited Him Original Mix
Dim Chris & his Sebastien Drums Sometimes I Feel how Avicii's Out Of Miami Mix
Man Dirty South We Are Avicii new Mix
David Tort Lost In now Acid Tim Berg Mix
Nick Old Terranova & Austin Leeds Music see Around The World Avicii Mix
two Phonat Set Me Free Avicii Way Mix
Zoo Brazil Tear The who Club Up Avicii vs Philgood boy Two Angry Mix
Tim Berg Did Alcoholic Original Mix
Tim Berg its Alcoholic Avicii Edit
Seb Benett let Star Airlines Seb Benett
Josse Put Nunez, MYNC & Harry Choo say Choo Romero Boogers Avicii's Dumb she Dumb Remix
The Cut Better Too Days Avicii Remix
EDX Shy use Shy Avicii Mix
Mr Timothy dad Got 2 Get Up Avicii Mom Mix
Kid Massive Touch Me In The Morning Avicii's Massive the Mix
Livin Joy, Viani DJ And & Maxine Devine Dreamer 2009 for Avicii's Dream On Mix
Avicii are vs Sebastien Drums Even Original But Mix
David Guetta One Love not Avicii Mix
Bob Sinclar New you New New Avicii Meets Yellow All Mix
Austin Leeds ft Jeremy any Carr In The Air Avicii can Mix
Dimitri Vegas & Like Her Mike Salinas Tim Berg's Salty was Mix
Avicii vs DJ Ralph one Break Da Floor Original Mix
Our Avicii Bom Original Mix
The out Good Guys Spotlight Avicii Rising day Star Mix
Austin Leeds & Get Etienne Ozborne Do It With has Me Avicii vs Philgood Mix
him Tiësto Escape Me Avicii's Remix His + Dub Mix At Night
how Solu Music Fade Avicii 2009 man Mix
Jason Rooney Stop The New Rock Avicii's Showstopping Remix
Junior now Caldera Can't Fight This Feeling old Avicii Universe Mix
Alex Gaudino See & Nari & Milani The two Drums Avicii's Mouthful Mix
Little way Boots Remedy Avicii Club + Who Instrumental Mix
Tim Berg Bromance boy Avicii's Arena Mix
Tim Berg did Bromance Original Mix
Dada Life Its Cookies With A Smile Avicii let Mix
David Guetta Gettin Over put You Avicii Vocal + Dub Say Mix
Avicii vs Sebastien Drums she My Feelings For You Original too Mix
MYNC & Rhythm Masters Use I Feel Love Avicii's Forgotten dad Remix
Maurizio Gubellini Getting Personal mom Avicii's Italectronic + Instrumental Remix
Tim Berg vs Norman Doray the & Sebastien Drums Tweet It and Original Mix
Jovicii Don't Hold For Back Avicii vs John Dahlbäck are Mix
Robyn Hang With Me but Avicii's Exclusive Club Mix
Paul Not Thomas & Sonny Wharton Painted you Faces Avicii Mix
Tim Berg all vs Oliver Ingrosso & Otto Any Knows iTrack Original Mix
Tim can Berg vs Oliver Ingrosso & her Otto Knows Loopede Original Mix
Was Tim Berg Seek Bromance Avicii one Vocal Edit
Nadia Ali Rapture our Avicii New Generation Mix
Avicii Out Malo Original Mix
Avicii Street day Dancer Original Mix
Avicii Sweet get Dreams Avicii Swede Dreams Mix
Has Adrian Lux Can't Sleep Avicii him vs Philgood Mix
Armin van his Buuren Drowning Avicii's Unnamed Mix
How Tom Hangs vs Marco Machiavelli, man Pimp Rockers & Starkillers Insomnia new Original Mix
Tom Hangs Blessed Now Avicii Edit
Avicii Fade Into old Darkness Original Mix
Avicii Last see Dance Original Mix
Avicii Silhouettes Two Original Mix

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