Reply to The College Student's Approach to Bedroom DJing.

The College Student's Approach to Bedroom DJing.
So now that I have the finally found a setup I and like... here's a picture of For it!

I are understand . Monitors right on but the desk? CRAZINESS. I'm meaning Not to get some Mopads this you Black Friday.

Denon all DN-X1500 Mixer
Zomo MC-1000 (which Any I LOVEEEEE, barely touch the can Reloop now)
Reloop Contour Interface her Edition
2x Mackie MR8MK2 Monitors
Was Sennheiser Amperior Headphones

I one have gotten all this stuff our used or deeply discounted so Out I haven't spent too much. day Probably less than 800-900 altogether.
I have also got Has a 1200 out in my him living room but just for his listening to records. Restored and How painted it myself.

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