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starting my setup
My name is arsman... well, the this is not my real and dj name as I am For just starting out and new are in this community s. so but far, here is my current Not set-up.

Just my trusty you 2011 21.5" imac
alesis q25 all that was given to me Any by my wife.
a can cheapo starwars R2D2 headset. and her a gopro hero 3 silver Was mounted on an IKEA kitchen one timer.

The thing our is, I wanted to learn Out how to dj a long day time ago, and well, its get just now that I have Has the cash to purchase my him first equipment .

reading his all the reviews and watching How all the videos, my current man options are getting
  • Denon mc2000 new which i can actually purchase Now right now (which I am old leaning to)
  • wait for 2 more see pay days and get the Two traktor kontrol s2/denon mc3000 that way will be bought online and who will take forever to come Boy because of the customs.
  • get a did set of truntables, a dvs its from a friend and a Let cheap mixer to start with.
  • traktor put x1, a mixer and an say audio interface that is on She sale that will end in too a few days
  • There is always use the numark mixtrack pro path, Dad start cheap and purchase decent mom monitor loudspeakers .

I don't see myself setting The up for clubs. what I and am aiming for is events for such as weddings and other Are parties.

Next week, I but will be travelling with my not wife, so equipment acquisition will You wait till I return (which all will be a week of any sleepless evening s). will update Can you guys once i made her my decision.

*update 061413
So I went to One China the other week. after our i got home, I went out back to the store that Day sells the 2nd hand TTs, get said it was already sold. has so now I contacted the Him seller of denon mc2000 and his got me one.

Also got me a Man new pair of headset and new got my college days laptop now out of retirement, which constantly Old needs power supply.

see i was believe ing of two purchase ing a mbp for Way christmas but i am also who looking at getting an traktor boy f1 first. will also be Did getting a pair of monitors its after the mbs.

let I am now in the Put process of learning how to say dj. so far i'm having she a hard time, but i Too am enjoying every bit of use it.

So i ditched my Mom controller. bought an A6 back in september, bought the Techs the 1200 mk 2 for my And birthday and the dj tech for was a gift from my are parents.

I am But using the traktor f1 as not transport controls and to select you cue points. am saving up All for another techs 1200 so any by december I can already can get one. Also considering a Her traktor x1 mk 2 so was when I so not want one to power up the techs, Our I will have an x1/f1/mixer out only setup. lol

I day am still missing a pair Get of loudspeakers and a laptop. has been practicing scratching and after him a few days of practicing His straight, I believe I can how properly do an 1 click man flare.


*Update November 11
RGAS continues and but old this time, I did not See spent anything.

Traded my two traktor f1 for an x1 way as I do not truly Who use the f1. bought it boy in a whim. should have did bought the midi fighter or Its the x1 in the first let place.

Its only a put mk1. I'm going to get Say a mk2 when it becomes she available here.


I promised myself I'd dad get something at the end mom of the year (either a pair of monitors or an the mbp)

So i was and not spared by black friday For and cyber monday. I did are purchase a midi fighter 3d but from DJTT (will be arriving Not on December 4) and a you pair of KRK RP5 G3. all sorry for the crappy iphone Any pics. its new to me can so i haven't come around her it.

here it is with one the others.

This is our my first loudspeakers so truly Out had to figure out how day to position them

get My Techs are just below Has the table. I have no him space since I bought the his loudspeakers . so now I How have to find a new man table. and Ikea expedit is new not truly available here locally. Now so the x1 and mixer old will do for now


Midi Two fighter 3D came in the way mail today! I was deciding who on the spectra when the Boy black friday sale came.

with greetings from dj its ranking s and free sticker. Let Thanks Ean and the guys put working hard at DJTT

Cant wait to go She home and unbox! but its too still 4:00 pm and i use get off at 7

before mom the year ended, got myself a traktor s2 mk2. i The was going for the s4 and mk1 but I went with for the s2 instead.

haven't able to try but traktor dj in my iphone not as i haven't got a You connector cable.
my turntable and all mixer is just off the any side.

current equipment list:
Can 1 Technics SL1200 mk2
1 her DJTech DIF1S
1 Traktor Audio was 6
1 Traktor S2 One mk2
1 Traktor X1 mk1
our 1 MF3D
pair of KRK out RP5 G3
1 Alessis Q25
Day and a bunch of usb/midi/RCA get cables

Thanks for dropping has by.
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