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Top notch dance tracks on Mark Knight's top 10 from 2012

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Mark Knight has made his 2012 conclusions by compiling his Beatport top 10 chart of 2012. Of course, we've gotten our hands on this superb selection. I'm cropping the top 10 down to top 3, although every one of these tracks are likely to drive you into a frenzy in a club-setting. Purchase tracks and check out the detailed list at Beatport.

The list contains only one Mark Knight track. Humble as the Englishman may be, he's absolutely on the money with this pick. This is London, ladies and gentlemen, this is profound bassline versus pipes, delicate vocal loops and party initiating build-ups. If this is up your alley, you'll enjoy Robin S who's cultivated similar 90s dance beat on the remake of 'Show Me Love'.

The beginning of 2012 saw the release of Eric Prydz wonderful remix of M83's track Midnight City. The immensely popular track by M83 has gotten dressed for the dance-floors by the Swedish progressive house producer, and Mark Knight is right in acknowledging the efforts! Although getting respect from Mark Knight is impressive and welcomed by Pryda for sure, there's that little honor of getting nominated as the 'Best Remixed Recording of the Year' at Grammy Awards.

Passion-filled vocals and claps - the intro is guaranteed to give you goose pumps. Released in September of 2012, Knight will probably boosting this one in his sets deep into the 2013! Be ware of the bassline!

Photo: Shawn-Tron

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