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Unexpected turn of events: Stolen bag returned to Eats Everything

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Recently the DJMag’s Best of British Awards ceremony and club night at Cable, London got overshadowed after Eats Everything aka Dan Pearce, the winner of the Best DJ award, lost 3 memory sticks with music and a pair of headphones that were stolen from the DJ booth.

Eats Everything tucked his bag containing the equipment beside one of the turntables a few hours before his set ...and it’s gone. He was obviously unable to perform that night. Missing a set at his glorious moment was sad, but what was more sad is the fact that people go around stealing other people's creation and equipment. This happened just a few week after Blawan and Art Department were the victims of similar misfortunes. So this theft got a lot of people angry and ranting on social meida for the thief to return the stolen goods.

Seems the efforts to knock on the conscience of the thief have been fruitful. In an unexpected turn of events, the STOLEN PROPERTY HAS BEEN RETURNED.

DJMag reports:

„Sent on 22nd December but 'closed until 2nd Jan', the Royal Mail jiffy bag addressed to 'Eats Everything' was delivered to DJ Mag HQ containing a handwritten note: 'It was an accident, Sorry! Merry Christmas'“

Dan Pearce was obviously suprised and satisfied with the outcome: 'Wow! That's mental! So weird? That's great news though!'

Footage from the night:

Photo: avlxyz

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