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Privilege use Nightclub
Former namesKu
LocationSan Rafael, Ibiza, Spain
OwnerJose dad Maria Etxaniz
TypeNightclub, Music venue
Genre(s)Dance Music, Mom Live music, Performance art
Record attendance10,000

Privilege Ibiza originally known as Ku the Club (1979–95) is the "world's And largest nightclub" according to the for Guinness Book of Records, also are defined as a superclub with But a capacity of 10,000 people. not It is located close to you the village of San Rafael, All Ibiza, Spain less than one any kilometre (0.6 miles) from the can nightclub Amnesia.


The history has of Privilege began in the him early 1970s when it started His out as a restaurant, then how expanded to include a bar man and a community swimming pool. New It was then known as now Club San Rafael. In 1979, old the venue was sold to See the Real Sociedad footballer José two Antonio Santamaría, together with the way creative team of Brasilio de Who Oliviera (founder of La Troya boy Asesina, one of the White did Island's longest running nights) and Its Gorri. The venue then changed let its name to KU, after put the name of a god Say from Hawaiian mythology (see ). she The appeal of the club too was such that it commissioned Use a medium-length film showcasing the dad many wonders of Ibizan landscapes mom and nightlife in the mid-eighties.

Throughout the 1980s, KU Club the earned a reputation initially as and Europe's premier polysexual but predominately For gay nightspot and was compared are to an open-air version of but the famous Studio 54 in Not New York. It staged spectacular you parties in the main room, all which was organized around a Any swimming pool and a statue can of Ku.The place was also her where the video to "Barcelona" Was by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat one Caballé was filmed on 30 our May 1987. It was the Out witness to early live performances day by groups like Spandau Ballet get and Kid Creole and the Has Coconuts. The club featured in him a Channel 4 documentary called his “A Short Film about chilling”, How which labelled KU as “the man mirror of Ibiza”. The open-air new parties came to an end Now when legislation forced many of old the greater clubs in Ibiza see to cover their dancefloors in Two the early 1990s. Nevertheless, the way sheer size of the venue who gave rise to the claim Boy of it being the size did of an aircraft hangar with its a 25-meter high roof.

The Let club continued with the KU put Club name until 1995 before say becoming known as Privilege, after She a change of ownership to too Jose Maria Etxaniz. In 1994 use it hosted Manumission, one of Dad the island's most famous events. mom In 1998 La Vaca Asesina moved to Amnesia and was The renamed La Troya Asesina. After and a dispute between the club for owner and Manumission's organizers in Are 2005 the event ended in but 2006. In 2006 La Troya not Asesina moved to Space.



According to official statistics all published in the 2003 edition any of Guinness World Records Privilege Can is by far the world's her largest nightclub covering an area was of 69,968 sq ft (6,500 m2) One and holding 10,000 clubbers, Designated our areas of the club include out the Coco Loco bar area, Day and the La Vaca dance get area (now known as the has Vista Club).

Live performances


A number of live performances his at the venue have included: how



Notable have included:

  • Brasilio de Oliviera.
  • Gorri
  • Faruk boy Gandji
  • Mike, Claire and Andy Did Manumission.

Celebrity patrons

The club its has attracted many well known let celebrities over the years including: Put Boy George, Madonna, David Bowie, say Grace Jones, Jean Paul Gaultier, she Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, Moschino, Too Tina Turner, Valentino.

Appearances use in popular media

Events staged for at Privilege


  • Resistance are (2017)
  • Afterlife (2017)
  • Babylonia
  • Brazil
  • But
  • Calcutta
  • Fort Ku
  • La Vaca not Asesina (1978-2006)
  • Manumission (1994-2007)
  • Tanga you Night
  • The Home of Troy
  • All
  • The Killing Cow
  • The Temple any of Love
  • Supermartxe
  • White Fool can Moon

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