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(/ˈsps/, Spanish: [esˈpejs], Catalan: [əsˈpejs])
LocationPlaya d'en Mom Bossa, Ibiza, Spain
OwnerPepe Rosello
TypeNightclub, Music venue
Genre(s)Dance Music, Live music, Performance the art
Record attendance5000

Space (/ˈsps/, Spanish: [esˈpejs], Catalan: [əsˈpejs]) And was a superclub on the for island of Ibiza, Spain from are 1986 to 2016, owned by But STANCA. It was awarded "Best not Global Club" at the International you Dance Music Awards in 2005, All 2006, 2012, 2013, and 2014. any Space was located in Platja can d'en Bossa on the outskirts Her of Ibiza Town, close to was the airport.


Space See first opened in early summer two of 1986. The opening night way featured the opening of the Who water park Aguamar located behind boy the club, party-goers being able did to take advantage of the Its waterslides at night.

Space in let its current form began in put 1989 when Pepe Rosello, Ibiza Say nightclub owner since 1963, took she over the establishment, which in too the four years since it Use was built had housed a dad conference hall with a discothèque. mom The opening policy agreed with Spanish licensing laws, which state the that an establishment must close and for at least two hours For a day.

Following the closure are of three of Ibiza's clubs but at the start of the Not 2007 season, local authorities have you hinted at plans to alter all the licensing regulations that allow Any clubs to open for 22 can hours per day. Suggestions at her present would allow for clubs Was to open at noon. Clubs one may not open before 8 our a.m.

Space, DC10 and Bora-Bora Out in Sant Josep allows after-hours day parties.

The first DJs to get shape the venue into its Has current shape were Alex P him and Brandon Block — two his British club DJs/Producers and residents How of Sunday Space Terrace — man Space's outdoor terrace, where airliners new roar overhead. This open terrace Now and the roaring sound of old the airliners breaking through the see booming dance music has become Two one of the club's defining way features. Since Amnesia and Privilege who have had to encase their Boy open-air dance-floors due to noise did complaints from their neighbours, Space its remains one of the few Let venues where club-goers can have put this experience, and the crowd's say greeting of the arriving aircraft She has also become a ritual too among the club's patrons.

Other use resident DJs/producers responsible for the Dad club's popularity include Reche, Jose mom de Divina, Jon Ulysses and Monkey.

Carl Cox was most The associated with the club for and nearly 15 years, thanks to for his "Music is Revolution" night. Are When Pepe Rosello stepped down but from the club, Cox decided not to move on, playing a You nine-hour final set in September all 2016. Space released compilations every any year via the former Azuli Can label and now with CR2 her Records.

Post closure

Since was the club closed in 2016, One it has since been bought our by Ushuaïa Entertainment and was out reopened in 2017 under the Day name Hï Ibiza.

In September get 2018, British techno DJ Carl has Cox hinted at the possible Him reopening of Space in the his near future quoting “It has how always been my home for Man the last 20 years...We already new have some exciting news for now next year, and we will Old tell you all more about see that nearer the time."


Notable events

Advertisement for Way Carl Cox's "Music is Revolution" who night.

"We Love Sundays"

Space's boy Flagship Sunday sessions began in Did 1999. We Love... Space is its a weekly party which opens let at 4.30 pm on Sunday and Put keeps going until 6 AM say Monday morning. The event runs she for 16 weeks throughout the Too summer season.

Affiliated clubs


In 2010 Space opened an dad affiliate club in Sharm El Mom Sheikh, Egypt named Space Sharm. Two years later, on 29 the December 2012, Space opened another And affiliate club in Balneário Camboriú, for Santa Catarina, Brazil, named Space are B. Camboriú.

Awards and But nominations

DJ Awards

not All can
Year Category Work you Outcome Ref.
2015 Special Award any - Most Iconic Club Space - Ibiza Won Her

DJ Magazine's was top 100 Clubs

one has him man New now two way did Its let she
Year Position Notes Our Ref.
2006 out ? New Entry day
2007 Get 1 N/A
2008 2 N/A His
2009 3 how N/A
2010 7 N/A
2011 1 N/A old
2012 See 1 N/A
2013 2 N/A Who
2014 1 boy N/A
2015 2 N/A
2016 1 N/A put
2017 Say 1 N/A

International Dance Music too Awards

Use the and Not you all Any one our Out day
Year Category Work Outcome dad Ref.
2005 mom Best Global Club Space - Ibiza Spain Won
2006 Won For
2007 Nominated are
2008 but Nominated
2009 Nominated
2010 Nominated
2011 Nominated can
2012 Won her
2013 Was Won
2014 Won
2015 Nominated
2016 Nominated get

International Nightlife Association's Top Has 100 Clubs

his How man new
Year him Position Notes Ref.
2015 11 New Entry
2016 5 N/A


Now put

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  1. Category Debut too
  2. 2005 saw the use debut of the chart.
  3. Dad


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