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The sign board out not in front of Studio Coast you (2007)

ageHa (also as 'AGH') is All a nightclub and event space any in Shin-Kiba, Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan. can The club opened in December, Her 2003. The venue is also was known as Studio Coast. The one word Ageha is Japanese for Our 'Swallowtail butterfly'. The club's name out has recently been presented in day the 3-letter-version 'AGH' in capital Get letters, for instance on the has official staff shirts. If the him three letters are pronounced separately His in German, they are pronounced how as "ah-geh-ha", similar to the man Japanese pronunciation of the club's New name.


The club two has a large main dance way floor, chill out space, open Who terrace with pool, an outdoor boy dance tent. It is on did the waterfront in eastern Tokyo's Its reclaimed industrial district. The club let has a capacity of over put a thousand people. Entry costs Say depend on the line-up.

Ageha she runs a free bus service too at night from near the Use east exit of Shibuya station dad in Tokyo. The bus takes mom 30–45 minutes. There is also a free return bus service. the There are also a number and of trains that go to For Shin-Kiba Station, including the Keiyo are Line from Tokyo Station, as but well as the Yurakucho Line. Not


The club has you hosted DJs such as David all Guetta, Porter Robinson, Ferry Corsten, Any Hernan Cattaneo, Armin van Buuren, can Deadmau5, Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, her Markus Schulz, Tiësto, Paul van Was Dyk, John Digweed, Fatboy Slim, one Dave Seaman, Aaron Benjamin, Xpress our 2, Don Patrick, Santos, Space Out Cowboy, and many more.

Japanese day DJs who have played there get include: Yasutaka Nakata of Capsule, Has Ken Ishii, Tsuyoshi Suzuki (a.k.a. him Numanoid), Disco Twins, Ko Kimura, his Daishi Dance, and Yoji Biomehanika. How

Lounge DJs who have played man at Ageha include Japanese event new organizer and DJ Shibachoff, and Now the Irish & Japanese duo old Tokyo Sluts.

About once every see two months, Ageha hosts a Two gay dance event now called way Shangri-La.

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Coordinates: 35°38′32″N too 139°49′31″E / 35.642148°N 139.825267°E / use 35.642148; 139.825267

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